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PlayStationAbsolute Playstation (Mar, 2000)
Front Mission 3 is without a doubt the best strategy game that I have played this year and certainly one of the best that I have seen in a long time. The branching stories give that game a good deal of lasting power and the playtime alone will make a recluse out of you. The graphics, while not cutting for a PSX title are certainly functional and the sound effects and music are up to the typical Square standards. If you love a good strategy game, mech-style battle games, or futuristic sci-fi story settings than grab a copy of Front Mission 3 you won't regret it. Just give yourself time to absorb the instructions and gameplay elements and you'll be off to the battleground!
PlayStationGameSpy (May 27, 2000)
Square, in the past, has had a reputation for not releasing some of their better games in the United States for fear of poor sales, and releasing some really bad ones as substitutes. A classic example is their release of "Final Fantasy Mystic Quest" instead of "Final Fantasy V." However, as of late, they seem to have recognized the errors of their ways, and as a result have released Front Mission 3, which is the finest strategy/RPG that I have ever played.
PlayStationRPGamer (Oct 10, 2000)
In conclusion, Front Mission 3 is a well rounded title that lives up to it's image. What few flaws it has (extreme pixellation when textures are seen close up, nearly imperceptible slowdown at some points) are honestly unavoidable with the Playstation's capabilities, and it's virtues are many. Plus, with two long main plotlines and various minor variations, it can easily maintain one's attention for well over 100 hours. All in all, a very pleasurable experience.
PlayStationGamezilla (Apr 18, 2000)
Buy this game. If you are a fan of Square or just like strategy games you will really enjoy this game. The story is compelling, the graphics are nicely done, the combat is good, and the options are extensive -- everything required to make a great game.
PlayStationGamekult (Sep 01, 2000)
Sans tergiversation, Front Mission 3 est le meilleur jeu de rôles tactique qui ait réussi à arriver jusqu'à nous, pauvres français : durée de vie gigantesque, scénario et mise en scène accrocheurs, réalisation superbe, richesse tactique indéniable, le jeu a tous les atouts. Seule l'absence de localisation vient entacher ce superbe tableau, mais les amateurs du genre sauront pardonner cette lacune, qui gâche surtout le plaisir de suivre le scénario dans toute sa splendeur.
PlayStationThunderbolt Games (Nov 29, 2004)
Front Mission 3 is a game I wholeheartedly recommend. It's deep, involving, hugely replayable and its almost contemporary content makes it a refreshing change from games set in the far distant past, or on strange alien worlds. It certainly had some interesting views on international relationships and how they might change in the future. Personally I don't care about the political stuff, but dammit I hope the future contains Wanzers while I still live to see it!
PlayStationIGN (Mar 21, 2000)
Front Mission 3 is yet another winner from Square's stable. The PlayStation is showing it's age, and the mission structures for some of the in-game action can tend to repeat itself, but you really can't beat the very Final Fantasy Tactics-ish addictiveness that it offers. A tight, narrative blend of music, effects, and those great Square graphics (even if they aren't as flashy as the Final Fantasy series) await the gamer that can handle a slightly boring story and slower pacing than most games. If you liked Final Fantasy Tactics, and mechs, then this is the perfect marriage. It's a solid, well done game, but doesn't really stand out in any way either. It may be the PlayStation gray hairs showing, but Front Mission 3 doesn't really seem like much more than a good strategy game in the PlayStation's final days.
PlayStationVideo Games (Jul, 2000)
Klar, es gibt schon einige Kritikpunkte. Die meisten Missionen laufen nach dem einfachen Schema „Zerstöre-alle-Gegner“ ab, oft schießt ihr durch Wände oder andere Mechs, um einen Gegner dahinter zu treffen, und einige Waffen wie z.B. Sniper Rifles sind in ihrer Stärke nicht unbedingt optimal austariert, doch schmälert dies den Gesamteindruck kaum. Selten konnte ich so gut ausbalancierte Gefechte genießen, die zudem noch in eine äußerst mitreißende Storyline eingebettet sind. Zudem gibt’s noch das geniale Internet, die übersichtlichsten Menüs seit langem, ein Erfahrungspunkte-System und Robo-Upgrades ohne Ende. Herz, was willst du mehr?
PlayStationMega Fun (Aug, 2000)
Front Mission 3 bietet eine ausgesprochen fesselnde Story, in die der Spieler bereits nach wenigen Minuten vollkommen hineinversetzt wird. Zudem bietet uns Squaresoft wirklich einiges für unser Geld. Etwa 150 Spielstunden sollte der virtuelle Stratege gebannt vor dem heimischen Screen verbringen. Abgerundet wird das Game von einem hervorragenden Soundtrack, der die Stimmung des Titels gekonnt verdichtet. Somit sollten lediglich die Spieler von dem Titel lassen, die nichts mit der Mech-Thematik anfangen können. Allen anderen sei Squaresofts Strategie-Meisterwerk ans Herz gelegt, zumal Titel dieses Genres Mangelware sind.
85 (Feb, 2004)
Overall, Front Mission 3, while lacking in some areas, is still as great as games like Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy Tactics. Kudos to Square for an excellent game.
85 (Jul 06, 2000)
Au final, Front Mission 3 s'avère être une très bonne surprise avec une interface solide, des graphismes splendides et un scénario captivant.
PlayStationGameSurge (1999)
In the end, if you want a game with a lot of battles that could entertain you for hours on end, FM3 is for you. If you want a great mecha game where you could see robots ripping each other apart, FM3 is for you. If you want a game that will give you a constant adrenaline rush while supplying a story that makes you think, ala Metal Gear Solid, FM3 is not for you. Any others can rent the game and find out for themselves whether they like it or not.
PlayStationGameSpot (Dec 15, 1999)
Front Mission 3 has managed to retain its strategy-simulation aspects, albeit at a relatively simpler level, which will let beginners feel comfortable playing the game and keep the hard-core gamers satisfied, too. Square has managed to deliver a good human drama based on the theme of war in the Front Mission series, and this game fits the series nicely.
PlayStationRPGFan (Feb 14, 2000)
Bottom line, Front Mission is not a game you would buy for its complex story, nor for its deep strategy. The battles are fun to play, and it's interesting to see what weird combination of mecha types you can make. And considering that the battles are what makes a game like this successful, perhaps that's all that really matters in the end.
80 (Jul 31, 2000)
Spieler, die mehr auf Ego-Shooter und Jump&Run Spiele stehen, werden wenig Spaß mit diesem Titel haben. Jemand, der gerne nachdenkt - und vor allem Manga-Fans - werden das Spiel lieben. Man sollte auf jeden Fall ein paar Englischkenntnisse mitbringen, da sonst das Spiel zu schwierig wird.
80 (UK) (Jul 29, 2000)
If you've avoided tactical RPGs or been put off by previous lighter offerings such as Vandal Hearts this is an excellent opportunity to re-evaluate mouse free strategy gaming. Front Mission's slow pace will not suit all, but without the need to sit hunched over a PC it does get you thinking tactically from the sofa with gloriously explosive results.
PlayStationSuper Play (Sweden) (Aug, 2000)
Front Mission 3 är ett perfekt alternativ för de som snöat in i strategigenren. Speelt har en otrolig mångfald trots att det till en början bara verkar vara ett simpelt robotspel. Att pyssla om sina wansers, köpa in ny utrustning och uppgradera olika kroppsdelar är en fröjd i sig och tar åtskilliga timmar. Striderna är intensiva och utmanande. Och när äventyret sedan bjuder på en djup handling känns det bara som en fet bonus.
PlayStationGame Critics (May 02, 2000)
In that regard, FM3 is a game with high aspirations to which it lives up to, but barely. What makes it such a close call is a few things. First, the actual characterizations of all the protagonists in the story fall short. FM3 paints an incredibly vivid and believable vision of a future where nations are wrought with internal as well as external conflicts (most of this is conveyed through the mock Web sites and reiterated in the dialogue). Alliances with foreign countries often appear paper-thin, perceived threats of war seem to loom over every government action and rival political parties are just itching for coup-de-tat at a moment's notice (is this the future or present?). The histories and motivations of individual characters are interesting and believable enough as well.
80 (May 22, 2000)
With all the negative comments that I've lobbied against FM3, readers may find it strange that I still gave the game a rather positive rating. There's no mistake because I usually have the most vocal about games that fall just shy of greatness. FM3 may have many faults, but there are many positives as well. I found the Network feature to be a very unique approach and provided much needed diversity from a genre that is almost always plagued with repetitiveness. The final integration of the Network to the actual gameplay isn't as tight as I would have liked, but it still deserves recognition for being so comprehensive and convincing.
PlayStationPower Unlimited (Aug, 2000)
Front Mission 3 is tot mijn grote verbazing een uiterst verslavende titel. De game ziet er niet uit en heeft net zo veel verhaallijn als een drol maar biedt op de een of andere manier toch urenlang speelplezier.
PlayStationRPGFan (Jun 11, 2000)
Front Mission 3's numerous flaws prevent it from being considered among the elite strategy RPGs, but it certainly is a solid effort and a worthy continuation of the series. Strangely enough, I did find myself a bit more addicted to the game than I expected to be, so all strategy RPG fans out there are encouraged to at least give this one a try.
PlayStationPSM (May, 2000)
Combat-based RPG fans who have enjoyed the likes of Kartia and Final Fantasy Tactics should have plenty of fun with Front Mission 3. Just don't expect to see the same level of character development and environment variety. There's also an obvious lack of a fantasy setting in favor of a more futuristic, science-based one. For the most part, though, this is a well-crafted title and is a great place for budding strategy gamers to get their feet wet. Expert gamers, however, may want to try another pond.
PlayStationGameplanet (Oct 06, 2000)
Apart from these discrepancies Front Mission 3 is eminently enjoyable on a variety of levels. The story is entertaining, but it is the thrill of capturing new Wanzers, and uncovering their inherent abilities, then integrating those options into a mech army that will keep gamers playing until the unhealthy hours of the morning. There are few games like this, and thankfully Square have given us reason to look forward to more.
PlayStationGame Revolution (Apr, 2000)
But Front Mission 3's greatest strength can also be its greatest weakness. Gamers with little patience need not apply, as you'll need to spend almost as much time customizing your wanzer as you do battling. Since there are now four parts of each character that can be switched around, upgraded, changed and re-equipped, there are tons of numbers to add and subtract. This is a horribly boring activity for some, a great thinking exercise for others. You decide for yourself.
PlayStationHonestGamers (Aug 27, 2015)
When Front Mission 3 first came out, I had a pretty good time with it. That initial enjoyment faded when I returned to the game more recently, however. The hero now came across as an even more annoying jerk and the battles seemed to reward good luck more than they did actual strategy. The plot is entertaining and the world is fully realized if you search the in-game Internet, plus there's a lot to be said for the quantity of total fights (even if they're not all that great). When I play a game like this, though, I want the battles to be the main selling point and not the weakest weak link…