Front Mission 3 Screenshots

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PlayStation version

world in the year 2112 ad
yokosuka, japan
story telling
battle screen (zoom)
ryogo attacks
enemy attacks kazuki
enemy pilot ejected
pilot damage (special)
battle rating
wanzer set up
customizing weapon
weapon select
Title screen
Opening cutscene. A US base gets raided.
Okinawa ocean city.
Lovely cinematics.
Interaction takes place in still location screens. Talk to people or move elsewhere.
The in-game network. Check email and files from other characters.
The in-game global internet. Browsing for sites by country.
At an in-game website. Each has pages to click through.
In-engine story sequences move the plot along.
Battle screen. Blue squares show available movement.
Attacking. Orange squares show weapon range.
Attacker gets to do damage first...
...but the enemy always does counter-damage if they survive.
Victory grants XP and bonus medals for disabling mech parts.
The story begins when a simple delivery gets complicated.