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Frontier: Elite II Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title Screen
Spaceship from the intro
Spaceship landing
City on planet surface
Two enemy ships
Under attack
Exiting hyperspace
Enemy destroyed
Select start position
Star map
Ship equipment status
Cargo inventory
Sirocco Station Services
Aster system map
Game Over, R.I.P.
Shipyard menu.From here you can buy new hardware to your ship.
Bulletin Board.If you have nothing else to do, from here you can find more missions.
Stockmarket.From here you can buy cargo to your ship.
Rear view
View from behind.
Flying in space
Elite 2 information database
Options screen
Inside spacestation
Leaving from spacestation
Lave Station

Amiga CD32 version

Game logo
Game start

Atari ST version

The Intro from Elite II is over 2 minutes long.
A town in full detail
Enemy are incomming and...
... attack me.
Space 2001
With the hyperscan the enemy find me
I'am a Pirate
Ready for take off
Elite II has a huge database over information. (planets, import and export over wares...)
The star map
Ship information
Before you start you must a licence to take off
Take off
The game is end when the player is dead.
Leave the shipyard
rear view

DOS version

Imp Trader coming home...
assassination ;)
shooting the police from behind - muahahaaaa...
Twilight Cruiser about to land
Sol - heart of the Core Systems
Sol - birthplace of Humanity...
prepare for landing
much to be done
Docked in scenic New San Francisco.
Blasting off.
Earth, the blue marble.
A segment of the exciting Frontier intro movie.
Title screen.
Intro - Two ships flying towards a planet.
Select a place to start a game.
Station services.
Do you give this guy a ride?
Stock market.