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    Natural resources are depleted. The world's economy is in a tailspin. Depression takes hold. The world's superpowers struggle to maintain control … and they will clash in Frontlines™: Fuel of War™. Frontlines brings players into the next great war. Society is on the verge of collapse, and people are desperate. The two superpowers, the Western Coalition and the Red Star Alliance, are headed for the inevitable conflict. Join the battle on the frontlines today!

    • Next-generation weapons: The superpower alliances have combined their remaining research and defense budgets, and the result is more than 60 futuristic vehicles and weapons, inspired by the weapons of today. Remote controlled drones, gun cams, and elaborate countermeasure systems are all player-controlled.
    • Advanced team intel: Frontlines focuses on team play, and allows players to use high-tech intel systems to gather and share relay recon, targeting, and threat information between teammates.
    • Customization: Create your own soldier by choosing a specific weapon loadout and a specialized role. Your abilities increase with continued play, providing the depth of a role-playing game mixed with the action of a first-person shooter.
    • Join the frontlines: The battle mechanic in both single- and multiplayer gives players the ability to join forces on the front line, and move that line forward in order to acquire territory. This keeps the players centered in the thick of the action.
    • Choose your path to victory: Take advantage of a sandbox of destructible elements and various weapons of war to create your own unique paths and strategies. Instead of failing and replaying the same sequence of events, experiment with varied approaches, allowing for diverse missions with high replay value.

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