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Game splashscreen
At the beginning of the game, you can select the level you want to play in the range of the level already visited.
All those enemies around you may be very dangerous. Dogs are doing fixed path but the pig tries to come close to you using the shortest path.
When the door opens, finish the level by passing thought it.
Do not walk on the pick, it would kill Nina.
This green cell show a cell on which you can pass once before is collapse. Warning, no way back...
This cell can be pushed only to the right.
On ice cells, Nina can't stop the walk... Beware not to fall into the water on the border of the game field.
The brown cell shows a stairway to another part of the level.
In the shop of the game, sometimes you can buy interesting items like bombs, be sure to visit it regularly.
If you press the buttons on the top, something will happen.
You can walk on Picks when they are down... Beware they go up without notice...
You can go from one side to the other side of the water using the moving platform on the left of Nina.
Of coursen if you fall into the magma, Nina will not survive.