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Fruit Machine Simulator 2 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
Game is loaded. (Title screen, sort of)
Insert coins
Ready to spin or hold reels
Round and round and round they go.

Commodore 64 version

Loading screen
Game is loaded. (Title screen, sort of)
Insert coins
Ready to spin or hold reels.
Round and round and round they go.
On a further gamble, you hit Turbo!
Choose how many coins to gamble with on this.

ZX Spectrum version

Splash screen
Start of a gaming session with 'Hall of Fame'. This is where you press 1 to start; 2,3, or 4 for multiple players
After a while the game shows the Supa Scanner feature. This does not occur often during the game
One player start. The stake money is shown at the top right as 1 x £1, 2 x tokens, and 1 x 10p
The game alternates between showing the value of the coins and the action keys needed to feed them into the machine. Here the £1 has been used
Now all coins have been used. The game starts. The hold feature for the reels is available and the game will keep the MEGA-TREK feature lights lit for this spin
The MEGA-TREK feature has been activated. The game flashes the lights at the bottom of the feature screen between the 20p and the 50p. The player must stop the lights to activate the lit feature
If stopped now the player will have a chance of winning the contents of the 10p skill box, that's half way up the screen on the right - it holds 7 coins
The game may trigger a TURBO feature at this point, offering the chance to either take the win or continue the feature for a higher win.
To advance the player must stop the lights in the TURBO feature, top right, when a Y - yes light is lit
If successful more feature lights flash
The WINNER SPINNER feature has been activated
The WINNER SPINNER feature offers a series of small wins and the player selects the best
After a win the gamble feature is triggered
When al credits are exhausted the game helpfully displayed a 'YOU'RE BROKE!' message before returning to the start of game screen