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Fun School 3 for the Under 5s Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Main menu
The matching game.
Teddy is currently standing.......
but now he's juggling!
I know what that thing is called!
Now there's three words and pictures.
Count the teddies.
The higher up I go, the closer Teddy gets to the honey.
The letter game.
There isn't a lot to see here yet...
but now there's a lot of objects (Unusually colored animals included).

Atari ST version

Main menu
The matching game
Time for actions!
This one is easy!
Hmm, lets see what does a tractor looks like?
The letter game
Lets do some painting!

Commodore 64 version

Main menu.
Can you get the honey?
Picasso eat your heart out.

ZX Spectrum version

Press space to highlight the ones you think are pairs, then enter to select them
We're closer to the money now
The actions game
Yum yums
To what the flower people say
Is that a picture of a cake?
For all the cows
This phase is harder
The counting game
The sun looks miserable if you get it wrong
Success gets you up the stairs of life
2 cirrus and 1 cumulo-nimbus, mummy
More to worry about now
Later ones take you to higher steps
Matching the letters
An ice cream earnt
Your chnace to colour this in
Tom Jones fans will find this question easier
Green with a border to prevent attribute problems