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Furu Furu Park (Wii)

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Everyone 10+
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Furu Furu Park is a collection of mini-games that last around a minute or two to play and they each have an objective to complete.

The mini-games are:

Technique category:
  • Arkanoid - Gameplay is based on Arkanoid. Players control the ship Vaus (a paddle) and bounce balls off of it to destroy the blocks overhead..
  • Camel Maze- Gameplay is based on Cameltry. Players have to rotate a labyrinth in order to guide a ball to the end goal.
  • Skateboard - Players get to pull tricks while skateboarding on a half-pipe . When the player gets some air, remote icons will appear and the player must mimic the motions shown with the remote,
  • Skateboard Extreme - A more difficult version of Skateboard as the player has to do more moves.
  • Super Karate - Players take control of a karate android and have to fight a karate robot. The game appears as a versus fighting game. A remote icon pops up for the player to follow and if performed successfully will let the players android perform a move.
  • Swan Runner - Players have to escape a planet before it explodes by piloting the OMARU ship. Players fly the ship through a tunnel while.the remote spins the ship around the tunnel in a circular fashion and the player has to avoid running into obstacles. Players can also collect some speed and points pick-ups along the way.
  • Swan Shooter - Gameplay is similar to Raystorm. In this scrolling shoot-em-up, players pilot the OMARU ship in order to defeat the evil end boss. The ship can fire either straight or homing lasers.
  • Swan Shooter: Night Strike - The same as Swan Shooter, but the level takes place at night.
  • Takoyaki - Players are tasked with making as much takoyaki as they can in a short period of time. Players have to put the three ingredients of octupus, batter, and water into separate holes on a grill pan. However if not all three ingredients are added in time, the food will burn and disappear from the pan.
Balance category:
  • Bubble Bobble - Based on Bubble Bobble, players trap monsters by shooting them in order to encase the monsters in the bubbles and then jumping into the captured monsters to pop the bubble and remove them from the playfield. Defeated monsters leave behind food items whih can be collected for extra points.
  • Dragonfly Hunter - Players get to make dragonflies dizzy so they can catch them. The player control a finger on a hand and spin it around a fly's head until it gets dizzy and falls off a tree stunp. Occasionally an Afro Fly will appear in place of a normal dragonfly and it will have to be flicked off with a button press.
  • Rev The Engine - Players make music by revving a motorcycle engine at the correct time. Accelerate icons will scroll across and the player has to time twists of the remote when the icons reach a tachometer icon.
  • Rev It Up More - The same as Rev The Engine, but also adds honking the motorcycles horn with a button press.
  • Pocky & Rocky - Inspired by Pocky & Rocky, players control Pocky as she tries to wipe out goblins by throwing cards and swinging a rod at them.
  • Puzzle Expert - Players have to complete pictures that are made up of rotating rings
  • Puzzle Kids - Features the same gameplay as Puzzle Expert, but is easier as there's less rings to rotate.
  • Puzzle Girl - Similar to Puzzle Expert, players have to complete pictures of females. It's made more difficult than Puzzle Expert as the pictures are made fuzzy until they are placed correctly.
  • Sonic Blastman 20XX - Inspired by Sonic Blastman character, players make the super hero punch meteors back into space. Since the meteor come from all different directions the player has to pay attention to a radar to see where they are coming from..
  • Sushi - Players have to feed 3 customers by moving a conveyor belt with food platters on it. Food icons will appear over the customers for the food they want and the player has to line up the correct food item in front of the customer it matches. The impatient customers will only spend a little time waiting for their food before they get mad and change their mind and request a different food platter.
  • Sushi fever - The same as Sushi, but now the customers can request lucky 7's on their dinner plates.If all three request 7's and are fed it on time, all the food items will temporarily turn into 7's for bonus points.
  • Submarine Escape - Players have to pilot a sub to escape a sea monster giving chase. The remote controls the subs ability to go up and down while trying to avoid obstacles in the way. Collected speed up icons will make the sub traverses the water faster.
  • Treasure Hunter - Players try to grab as much gold coins as they can. The gold coins randomly appear on the playing field and the player has to be careful not to run into bombs or fal into pits while trying to grab the coins.
  • Unwrap The Mummy - One at a time, players have to pull off as many mummy's bandages as they can by moving the remote forward and backward as fast as possible.
Power category:
  • Bird Man - Players have to spin the remote as fast as possible in order to pedal a plane so it will remain airborne over the sea.
  • Pinch Hitter - It's the bottom of the ninth inning with two out, Players have to hit a home run by swinging the remote like a bat before being struck out on three pitches.
  • Robo Clash - Players get to destroy a renegade robot that's trying to take over earth. Players have to keep swinging the remote to make the player's hammer.continuously bash the robot. Occasionally the robot will swing back and the player has to dodge backwards..
  • Snow Cone - Players turn handle of a snow cone machine by spinning the remote around and try to make as many snow cones as possible.
  • Sudden Death - Players line up to take a penalty kick during a soccer game. Players have to keep spinning the remote in order to get the ball past the opponent team's players plus their goalie.
  • The Hammer Throw - Based on the hammer throw Olympic event, players have to spin the remote to build up throwing power and then let the 3 Afro Brothers fly. Depending on what spots of the field they land on will earn the player an amount of points.
Brain category:
  • Safe Cracker - Players have to enter a number combination to get to the treasure inside of a safe. Player are temporarily shown a row of digits which they have to memorize,. then they have spin the dial on the safe and select the correct numbers in the order originally given.
The one player mode features a free mode and a rank mode. The Free mode lets the player play a mini-game of their choice. The rank mode lets the player play five mini-games of their choice consecutively while Bogey the Pig gives the player a different animal ranks depending on the players skill.

The two player modes features a free battle mode, a love challenge mode, and a panel attack mode. Free battle mode lets players compete against each other in any mini-game of their choice. Love Challenge lets two players play with each other in mini-games Afro Love selects. A love meter will be shown after each mini-game showing the percentage of compatibility between the two players are. Panel Attack shows sixteen mini-games laid out on a 4x4 paneled grid.The player who wins the mini-game on that panel get that panel changed to their color. The player who has the most panels at the end wins the competition.

Options let the player set the difficulty level (easy, normal, and hard), choose between a male or female character, and view their score ranking in each mini-game.

On a side note, the Japanese version of the game contained a story mode (a dating sim of sorts) and a mini-game called Strip The Geisha. The story mode was removed when the game was released in other regions and the geisha game was changed to the Unwrap The Mummy mini-game.


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GameDaily Jan 29, 2008 7 out of 10 70
Gaming Target Jan 25, 2008 6 out of 10 60 Feb 05, 2008 5.8 out of 10 58
GameZone 2008 4.5 out of 10 45
Gamernode Feb 02, 2008 4 out of 10 40
GamesRadar Jan 25, 2008 2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars 40
IGN Mar 27, 2008 3.5 out of 10 35
Game Chronicles Feb 19, 2008 3.3 out of 10 33
GameSpy Jan 24, 2008 1.5 Stars1.5 Stars1.5 Stars1.5 Stars1.5 Stars 30
Game Revolution Feb 28, 2008 D 25


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