Fury³ Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
First mission briefing
Enemy ship briefing, it's too weak for us!
Starting the mission.
Two attack ships running away.
In-game playing
Power-up depot, destroy it!
The depot had a shield power-up inside.
Satellite map, where should I go?
Oops, I must turn around and get ready for another fight.
Outside view
Seems that I'm surrounded...
You won't be around here for too long.
Entering an underground tunnel.
These tunnels are full of doors and other traps.
Out of the tunnel

Windows 3.x version

Normal window size
The maximized window stretches the 320x200 screen using WinG functions
New to series is the full 3d cockpit view.
You can also pointlessly stare at your fancy 3d seat.