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Fuse Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

Fuse version of EA logo
Main title
Main menu
Game manual can be accessed from the menu
Character info, Isabelle Sinclair
Character skills can be upgraded
Mission briefing
Dalton is looking over the operation info
Arriving at the secret facility somewhere in Nevada desert
The helicopter is going down, everybody is jumping out
Giant robot is protecting this facility
This is a battle we cannot win, time to withdraw
Keeping your CO apprised
Teamwork in action
Hacking the turret defences
Being scanned before entering the next area
Malfunctioning turret is mowing down the scientists
Using the particle weapon to create a hole in the wall
Whatever happened in this lab...
Acquiring new weapon from the lab
Dalton's weapon provide a barrier shield other characters can use for cover
Naya's father seems to be working with the badguys
You can switch control to any character during gameplay
Looking for a way out of the enemy compound suited deep below the ocean surface
You can jump over covers
Taking the upper path
Silent takedown animation depends on the situation and the weapon your holding
Aim for the head for higher damage
The scientists are trying to escape
When screen turns red, look for cover to recover
A tropical island somewhere in South China Sea
Sneaking into the enemy base unnoticed
Team perks
Using fusion renders you invincible and gives you unlimited ammo for a short time period
Stopping the enemy counterstrike
You can quickly dispose of enemy soldiers with close combat attacks
Throwing the grenade to flush the enemy from their covers
Luring the enemies to come to you, then take them out with quick attacks while in cover
Fuse weapons can take out enemy soldiers before their health bar hits zero
Open spaces occasionally present a stunning view of the landscape
Surprising attack from the ledge
Weapon selection
Enemy is determined to bring our rope card down
Helicopters are bringing in enemy reinforcements
Taking out lone guards out of sight not to raise the alarm
Shielded commanders can heal their comrades so it would be wise to first aim your fire at them
Snipers on the roof are easy pickings
If you don't mind wasting ammo, you can blindly fire at the enemy from the cover
Approaching the space station
Shotgun is deadly at close range

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