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MacintoshMacReactor (1999)
At a $20 price point, you will be sorely pressed to find a better value for your gaming dollar. Even if you somehow manage to slag your way through all eight levels in a brief space of time, the SkyCaptain mode keeps things fresh; the one player version of this game gives you a truly intelligent opponent, and the multiplay options make it almost criminally easy to give yourself a live, opponent. Adjustible difficulty makes it accessible to nearly all players, and there are gore settings for parents of younger children. Run, don't walk, to your local retailer. Buy a copy of Future Cop. Revel in the glory that is a professionally-done EA Mac title.

And send in those registration cards.
PlayStationGamePro (US) (Nov 24, 2000)
It helps if you're a fan of the Strike series, but even first-timers will easily get the hang of Future Cop. Blasting bad guys and destroying the scenery while remaining true to your "protect and serve" ideology is a great diversion. Future Cop is fantastic fun.
MacintoshMac Gamer (1997)
All in all, I hope EA sells a ton of these games and recognizes that Mac users are gamers, not just graphic artists, musicians, or educators. I'm not padding this review with praise for EA. That Mac users are able to buy and play this game is solely due to its lead Mac programmer (Chris Conway), who deserves all the kudos for getting the Mac version on the CD-ROM. I rarely give a game a perfect "5" MGL rating. However, Future Cop deserves it. We Mac users have got another chance at getting EA's attention, and if Future Cop is any indication of what quality Mac ports from EA can be like, we're in for a treat if more Mac EA games are on their way. Nice job, Chris and Mac Future Cop crew.
MacintoshMac Game Gate (1999)
Overall, the good definately outweigh the bad in this game. I have had this game for a long time and I haven't beaten it yet. Great graphics and weapons alone make the game worth it, but it and try it out! I give it a four and a half out of five!
MacintoshMacNN (Dec 14, 1998)
Future Cop: L.A.P.D. is one game that can't be missed. The depth of detail put into the X1-Alpha adds a whole new spin to action gaming. The game offers fast-paced, insanely-fun gameplay that will be sure to please. Its wide array of multiplayer options and a brilliant computer opponent in Sky Captain add to the longevity of the experience. Its price is unbelievable with all of the options and features that you'll only find in $50 games anywhere else. Electronic Arts' first Mac title in four years represents an outstanding effort and hopefully shows what's in store from them in the future.
PlayStationVideo Games (Sep, 1998)
Wahnsinn, FCLAPD strotzt nur so vor Detailreichtum und phantastischen Ideen! Die aufwendige Motion-Capture-Animation von großen wie kleinen Objekten, sowie die überaus ansprechende Levelgestaltung verleihen dem Spielgeschehen einen Realitäts-Touch, der seinesgleichen sucht. Beeindruckende Effekte und in Echtzeit berechnetes Vertex-Coloring beleuchten alle Objekte, wodurch ein brillanter Eindruck des futuristischen L.A. vermittelt wird. Euer Walker läßt sich analog wie digital optimal steuern.
MacintoshElectric Playground (Nov 13, 1998)
The game is loaded with big guns, lots of explosions and more action than EA's awesome Strike games. All of this is more than enough to make me absolutely crazy for the game. But, when you add in the fact that Future Cop is really two great and completely distinct games in one package, you're talking about a disc that is on the fast track to permanent must buy status.
PlayStationGamezilla (1998)
This is definitely a game worth renting and probably more than once. Despite it's weaknesses, it's fun and innovative. It's the kind of game that brings out your inner child, driving around a killer robot with lots of cool weapons. The levels are diverse and challenging and finely detailed. It's really a heckuva lot of fun.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation (Oct, 1998)
You certainly can't grumble when it comes down to value. Two dissimilar game modes, a two player Cooperative and a two player Competitive modes. The single player game is certainly action packed, although blasting everything in sight hardly sets the brain into overdrive. Still... at least you know what your getting into when you pick up a copy of Future Cop.
WindowsFreak (Mar, 1999)
המשחק בהחלט לא מהפכני. אין בו חידושים, אין בו מקוריות של ממש. יש בו משחק מהנה, המספק סחורה טובה ותמורה הוגנת למי שיקנה אותו.
PlayStationGame Revolution (Sep 01, 1998)
Future Cop definitely has its flaws. The two-player mode in the normal game, for example, sucks. Because the game relies on the players' ability to see everything around him, the split screen simply makes it difficult to maneuver. You'll find yourself saying "where are you?" and "how do I get there?" a lot. And as I mentioned before, EA should have thrown in some sort of check-point system so that when you die, you don't have to start over. The lack of this feature was enough to make me turn the thing off because I didn't want to do the same stuff over and over again. If you're into bloody, shoot-em-up, sci-fi action, however, this game is the Yoko to your Lennon.
PlayStationIGN (Sep 18, 1998)
The whole package is there. Great sound effects, good single-player action, tons of non-stop shooting, lots of great weapons, massive explosions, and a super two-player mode.
PlayStationMega Fun (Oct, 1998)
Mit Future Cop hat EA einen optimalen Ableger der Strike-Serie produziert. Knallharte Balleraction, die fast nicht abbricht, gepaart mit den herrlichen Explosionen lassen jedes Shooter-Herz höher schlagen. Dies wird durch die exzellenten Rendersequenzen und die fetzigen Rock- Rhythmen optimal unterstützt. Die analoge Steuerung mit Dual-Shock-Unterstützung ist sauber programmiert worden, Kritik muß man nur an der Monotonie, die ab der vierten Einzelspielermission aufkommt, und der Kamera üben. Trotz guter Dynamik und individueller Beeinflussung fehlt doch dann und wann der Überblick. Der Zwei-Spieler- Modus macht auf lange Sicht viel Spaß, egal ob man nun die Einzelspielermissionen zockt oder sich in den vier Strategieleveln austobt.
WindowsGame Over Online (Nov 22, 1998)
I am very mixed on this game. Pick it up if you want a fun arcade game and are a little bored. I do have to admit that I tend to stay away from this type of title as I find it to get somewhat repetitive and I have a hard time keeping my concentration. If you are unlike me then I recommend getting this game. It's a solid game with good graphics, clear sound and solid gameplay.
MacintoshAbout This Particular Macintosh (Mar, 1999)
It’s easy to nitpick over Future Cop’s minor flaws, to harp on the fact that when you’re stuck at a certain point on one of the levels and just going through the motions to reach it, the game is little more than a series of conditioned responses to the same set of preprogrammed events. But that’s true of any game. At least Future Cop gives you a hefty amount of action to quench your thirst for explosion. What makes Future Cop a great is its smooth graphics, a storyline well woven into game play, and best of all, a cheap sticker price. Long live the X1-Alpha Frogger.
MacintoshMac Addict (Mar, 1999)
We found only two drawbacks in Future Cop: LAPD: It lacks modem-to-modem play (but who plays pickup modem games anyway?), and it doesn't have an in-game save option. Electronic Arts did a great job with the in-game 3D graphics, funny cut scenes, and sounds. Sometimes the music is repetitive, but your dispatcher's calm voice is the important thing to listen to here. Not only does Future Cop run well on a variety of lower-to midrange Macs, it really rocks with 3D acceleration. Plus, the stunningly low price is less than half what you'd usually pay for such a fun, fast, and furious 3D game. If you liked MechWarrior 2 and Robocop, you'll love Future Cop.
80 (Jan 14, 2000)
Future Cop L.A.P.D. is fun and addictive. You are the pilot of a TAC (Tactical Assault & Combat) patrol unit working for the police department in 21st century Los Angeles. The city has been dominated by criminal gangs after a major earthquake caused mass chaos and destruction. The L.A.P.D. has been losing the battle to regain control of the city, but now you and your TAC X-1 Alpha can turn the tides. Your X-1 Alpha is a state of the art vehicle, armed to the teeth, armoured to withstand massive damage, and able to transform between two modes: hovercar and walker. You’ll need all of your X-1’s capabilities and a healthy does of skill to face the drug lords, mobsters, cultists, and deranged scientists that threaten the City of Angels. Remember the L.A.P.D. motto: Serve, Protect, Survive.
WindowsPower Unlimited (Feb, 1999)
Dit spel is geconverteerd van de PSX en het verschil is met name uiterlijk erg groot. Grafisch is het nu een juweeltje geworden. Heftige lichteffekten en explosies in vele kleueren zorgen voor aangenaam, hersenloos arcade schietplezier. En daar is helemaal niks mis mee.
PlayStationPower Unlimited (Sep, 1998)
De gameplay in L.A.P.D. 2100 zit wel snor. De graphics zijn prachtig en het 3D plaatje ziet er echt strak uit. Kortom typisch een spel voor alle 'trigger-happy'-freaks.
WindowsIGN (Dec 14, 1998)
Overall, Future Cop is a simple yet entertaining game. Sure, it's nothing but a console shooter, but it's the little touches in Future Cop that really make it interesting and even humorous at times (if you do get the game be sure to check out the credits ... the X-1 Alpha busts a pretty good Cabbage Patch). The screams, the explosions, the lighting effects, and the smoke trails from the weapons all intertwine to bring what would otherwise be a fairly mediocre game into the realms of originality and pure, unadulterated fun.
WindowsPC Gamer (Feb, 1999)
Sure, Future Cop L.A.P.D. may be a PlayStation port, but you can’t deny the fact that it looks good, runs fast, and plays extremely well. And considering the fact that you can pick it up for a paltry twenty bucks, that’s good enough reason for most folks to consider buying a copy on their next trip to the software store.
WindowsPower Play (Jan, 1999)
Der Grafik haftet ein gewisser Lego-Charme an, und vernichtet man mit seinen wuchtigen Waffen wieder einmal ein Gebäude, wird der Zerstörungseifer mit einer recht hübschen Explosion belohnt, bei der sogar der Monitor zu vibrieren scheint. Die „Verbrecherjagd“ geht höchst kurzweilig vonstatten, wobei sogar zwei Spieler an einem Rechner via Split-Screen gemeinsam dem kriminellen Gesocks den Garaus machen können. Der etwas taktischere „Revierkampf“ ist ebenfalls unterhaltsam, so daß sich „Future Cop: L.A.P.D.“ insgesamt für ein gelegentliches, schnelles Spielchen nach einem anstregenden Arbeitstag empfiehlt. Lediglich die Blinkwinkel sind nicht optimal, da man gelegentlich nicht sehen kann, welchen Gegner man gerade beharkt. Aufgewertet durch kurze Videosequenzen zwischen den Einsätzen, entpuppt sich dieser Titel jedoch alles in allem als eine äußerst positive Überraschung, mit der man sich hervorragend die Zeit vertreiben kann.
WindowsPC Player (Germany) (Jan, 1999)
Was bei Future Cop alles explodiert, durch die Gegend fliegt und aus dem Lautsprecher quillt, ist gerade eben noch waffenscheinfrei. Echt gelungen: die Partnerin in der Funkzentrale, die jeden wichtigen Schritt kommentiert und gelegentliche Tips vom Stapel läßt - das schafft Atmospähre ohne Ende. Auch, daß Ihr Fahrzeug manche Hindernisse und Puzzles nur in einer der beiden Formen übersteht, hebt Future Cop aus dem Baller-Einerlei hervor. Statt des etwas lahmen Strategiemodus hätte ich mir allerdings lieber noch ein paar neue Aufträge gewünscht - die sind nämlich außerordentlich witzig zusammengestellt. Mehr davon!
WindowsPC Joker (Jan, 1999)
Die frei konfigurierbare Steuerung läßt vor allem per Pad kaum Wünsche offen. Lediglich die teils ungünstige Kameraführung erschwert bisweilen das Manövrieren. Doch wozu gibt es ein Radar und den praktischen Laserleitfaden für das automatische Anvisieren des gewünschten Ziels? Aktionisten werden von dieser mit feinen Animationen, grandiosen Explosionen und bombastischem Sound in Szene gesetzten Stratego-Ballerei jedenfalls um einiges besser unterhalten als in Recoils Morph-Panzern nebenan.
PlayStation 3Defunct Games (Apr 27, 2012)
In a lot of ways Future Cop L.A.P.D. is nothing more than a mindless shooter. But I'm fine with that, considering that most of the PSone Classics released have been deep role playing games and niche fighters. The gameplay is solid and the story is long enough to warrant the six dollars. I did run into some frustrating gameplay decisions throughout the game, but it's nothing that most people can't overlook!
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Feb, 1999)
Nach ungewöhnlichen Ideen suchen Polizeikadetten in Future Cop LAPD vergebens. Dafür bietet das Programm Missionsdesign vom Feinsten. So dramatisch inszenierte Aufträge sehen echte Gesetzeshüter höchstens mal im Kino. Ich darf in der schicken Umgebung fleißig Drogenbosse jagen, ganze Heerscharen feindlicher Panzer in die Luft jagen und mich über die Kommentare meiner unsichtbaren Kollegin freuen. Schade, daß es nur acht echte Einzelspieler-Einsätze gibt. An denen sitzt man zwar ein paar Tage, aber etwas mehr hätte es sein dürfen. Zu lieblos ist mir das ganze Drumherum. Auf die kurzen Videos kann ich gerne verzichten, langfristigen Anflügen von Suchtgefahr tritt die sterile Atmosphäre sicher entgegen.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Mar, 1999)
The main drawback is that the game is too short: Crime War only consists of eight missions, and there are about as many Precinct Assault maps. A competent action gamer can blast through this game pretty fast. Also, since this is a console port, there are no in-mission saves, All in all, this is a fun little action blast, and for $20, you could do worse.
WindowsAttack Games (Feb, 1999)
Grafiken påminner mycket om hur den brukar se ut i den här typen av skjut-och-glöm-spel. Den är enkel men funktionell. Grafiken visar sin bästa sida när en explosion går av. De är otroligt häftiga. Ljudeffekterna är däremot bara godkända, varken mer eller mindre. Future Cop: LAPD är ett klart spelvärt actionspel. Den enda nackdelen är att om du dör måste du börja om från början på den nivå du är på.
PlayStationGameSpot (Sep 25, 1998)
Overall, Future Cop is a good game. Returning to the beginning of the level after dying really hampers the main game, but the other mode is really outstanding. Definitely worth checking out.
WindowsComputer Games Magazine (Jan 06, 1999)
All things considered Future Cop : L.A.P.D. is a good shooter, and for a nice cheap price to boot—a fitting valuation for such a comparatively limited yet enjoyable lawful rampage.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Feb 26, 1999)
Originally designed for the PlayStation, Future Cop: LAPD is budget priced and runs on both the PC and the Macintosh, extremely unusual in these days. Regardless of price or platform, I find this offering to be a really pleasant surprise, a diamond in the rough that actually has been quite under-publicized given the game's value. The graphics are excellent, the music and sound are more than competent, and the gameplay is really fun. While Future Cop: LAPD does not set the world on fire with innovative new twists, arcade action fans will have a really hard time finding a better way to eat up their leisure time.
PlayStationTechRaptor (Dec 22, 2016)
despite being weathered by age, Future Cop still has some gas left in its tank to make it worth a spot in a PlayStation fans collection.
WindowsPC Gamer Brasil (Feb, 1999)
Como os alienígenas biomecânicos de Giger, ED-209 é uma dessas idéias tão simbólicas que distorcem completamente a imaginação dos outros. Os criadores de jogos são vulneráveis como o resto de nós e por isso, quando precisam de uma raça alienígena, simplesmente usam uma lata tamanho gigante de meleca, e quando pensam em forças protetoras da lei, pegam um arsenal ambulante sobre duas pernas. A diferença é que Future Cop é original, e tem um ED-209... que desmunheca.
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Feb, 1999)
Für das endlose Geballer stehen acht Levels zur Verfügung, deren spielhallenbunte 3D-Grafik genügsame Zeitgenossen einigermaßen zufriedenstellen wird. Die Perspektiven-Wechsel der Kamera sind allerdings abenteuerlich.