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G-Loc: Air Battle Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
Control options
Taking off in the pre-play animation
First mission instruction
Turn left to get that one in your sights
Flying at an angle
Finished that one off
The requirements generally incrase as the game goes on
The second level is over a field
Down I go

Arcade version

Shoot to planes
8/8, time to next mission
Target acquired
Watch out, rockets!
Enemy destroyed
Over town
Destroy ship
Heavy damage, life lost
Missions completed
Game Over

Atari ST version

Loading screen
Title screen
Control details
Ready to go
Game start
Banking sharply
Got a lock on
The rear-view - shows what you have to avoid
Which I did NOT do!
Plane's gone, but at least I escaped
Multiple planes in range
Time's up
Game Over comes into the screen

Commodore 64 version

Select level of difficulty
Enemy planes en masse

Game Gear version

Title screen
Here, your mission is to shoot those tanks
Select your stage
Mission objective
Over the green mountains...
You are heavily hit
You are descending...
Post-game stats
The intro is very short
Shoot down enemy planes
Over the sea
Mission completed!
Upgrade your plane
You can buy armor
Shoot down the warships!
Game Over
Nice colors there...

Genesis version

Company logo
Technical info
Title screen
The map
Introductory anim
Game start
The totals rise as the game progresses
This one's in my sights
Section 2
Which do we aim for?
Another one down
Time is marching on here
Section 2 has new ground detail
Game over
Continues are there though
The heart of the explosion
Tilting around
This looks more like Afterburner
The space narrows
Over a field
Weapon selection
Bonus screen
The sweet smell of success

SEGA Master System version

Title screen
Are you an arcade or sim fan?
Choosing difficulty level
Your log book
The stamp means you've accepted your mission
Taking off
Easy mission!
Shooting at enemy planes
Doing a steep turn
Mission completed
The log book also serves as a menu; points buy you missiles and time
Next mission
This is what made the original arcade cabinet famous
Taking damage
You're shot down
You've taken too much damage
Game over
Your final rank

ZX Spectrum version

Load screen
After the tape has been stopped a small animation confirms the game's name. It later goes on to credit the company who did the 8-bit conversion and asks you to press ENTER
If you wait at the typewriter screen too long before pressing enter, a kind of screen saver starts displaying aircraft blueprints
A short load later...
... and you get to choose your controls. This is followed by a similar screen where you select mission difficulty
We're off. I played on the EASY setting. The plane does a nice barrel roll after take-off
This is mission 1
Targets come in lines from the left, lines from the right and occasionally in lines abreast. The plane has both missiles and guns to knock them down. Looks like I'm low on missiles
Hard to believe but there's three intact planes hiding behind the wreckage of my 3rd hit
You get more than one life to complete a mission. I didn't realise they were shooting at me
Missile lock acquired
Take too long and another life is lost
All eight enemy destroyed, what's next....
Looks like more of the same

Official Screenshots

  • G-Loc: Air Battle Screenshot
    Nintendo eShop
  • G-Loc: Air Battle Screenshot
    Nintendo eShop
  • G-Loc: Air Battle Screenshot
    Nintendo eShop
  • G-Loc: Air Battle Screenshot
    Nintendo eShop
  • G-Loc: Air Battle Screenshot
    Nintendo eShop
  • G-Loc: Air Battle Screenshot
    Nintendo eShop