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G-Police Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Your attack chopper, from the game's intro.
Heading into the pilot's briefing.
Callisto's Chief of Police. Grumpy, and missing half his face to match.
Mission briefing.
Loadout screen.
Using the follow camera setting.
Flying by on the drop camera setting.
Scouting with the overhead camera setting.
Jumped by an unknown attacker.
He won't be coming back.
It's a big city, and each dome has its own landmarks.
If you have an analog controller, you can look around the cockpit with the right stick.
Scanning crates for contraband.
Found some illegal goods! The ground team arrives to clean up.
Outside G-Police HQ.
Tailing a suspect.
Ripping up a fighter with our cannon.
Dropping a beacon for the ground teams.
Homing missiles are always good fun.
The missile found its mark.
Some attackers try a flyby.
You can fly faster than me, but not my rockets.
Missile trails cast a colored light on their surroundings.
Some company logos are featured on the billboards and flying taxis.
Later missions give you a wingman for support.
Draw distance is limited in both PS and PC versions.
The PlayStation version is also especially dark.
Havoc on patrol
Later missions give you access to the "Venom" gunship.
The Venom has more weapons, speed, and armour.
The Venom also has lasers! Deadly against buildings.
Escorting a bomber group through some skyscrapers.
Your enemies start to bring out the big guns later in the game.
Fighting around a Blade Runner inspired billboard blimp.
New weapons are unlocked as you progress, such as this autotracking MIRV missile.
A secret mission lets you race a car around the city.

Windows version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Mission 13 Briefing
Found illegal weapons
G-Police (government police) office
Ground forces
Heavy traffic
Tall skyscrapers
Top-down view
He missed me - that was close
Finally he is going down
The game allows for some spectacular visuals in high resolutions.

Official Screenshots

  • G-Police Screenshot
    Psygnosis E3 1995
  • G-Police Screenshot
    Psygnosis E3 1995