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Advertising Blurbs

Steam Store Description:
    "Echo, big sister...
    You were taken from me.
    You knew... you knew about it. All along.
    ...But you never told me.
    Why did you lie to me!?
    What are you trying so desperately
    to keep from me!?

    Even when I hated you...
    Even when we fought...

    Despite everything;
    I still trust you."

    Gaia's Melody is a story about friendship. About bonds, family - lies, deception, and the truth.
    Overcoming yourself, and accepting.

    Do you have the courage to accept the truth?


    This is a simple old-school JRPG styled game, with all that you'd expect from one!
    -The game follows a dark story hidden within happy comedic characters
    -Explore this group of characters, and learn how their lives have been affected by the past, their friends, and their own actions
    -Contains colourful and lively custom graphics, detailed sprites, creepy-cute monsters, and anime-styled cutscene art
    -A 20-30 hour epic, written as a heavily character-driven narrative
    -Fun turned-based combat made amusing
    -Dynamically engaging(and ADORABLE) sprite-based scenes
    -TONS of in-game collectables, including 20+ WindowSkins, 33 character bio entries, alternate costumes, optional cutscenes, and secrets!
    -Customisation options, including window style, encounter rate, load screen image, and minimaps/guides
    -Zoom in to see hidden treasure and flavor text, and swap characters around to read their thoughts!

    Contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (217326) on May 25, 2018.