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Galactic Attack Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen (European Version).
Title Screen (Japan Version).
Area 1.
Lock on the targets.
More targets to lock on.
Let rip with lasers.
Normal blasting.
Big ship to destroy.
Lock on the ground defences.
Lock on and fire lasers.
Ships to blast.
Lasers doing their job.
End of area boss.
Keep blasting.
Area 2.
Ships and object to blast.
Avoid the bullets.
Big gun to destroy.

Windows version

The game loads to this screen. Press the START button to go straight into the game. There are no setup / configuration options. The game demo kicks in if nothing happens
Ahead of the ship is a laser lock, pass this over a target and the game locks on the secondary weapon to destroy up to eight at a time
The bonus increases when multiple targets are destroyed
Some destroyed ships leave behind crystals to be collected
The game takes place over seven varied levels, here the ship is hidden by cloud
This is what the ship looks like
This is the pilot
Hi-Score table looks like this. Its classed by area