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Galactix Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Just watching the news...
...when the leader of the Xidus fleet tells it like it is.
Main Menu
The game's action keys. Mouse and joystick are also supported
Your friendly development team
Take off (Galactix v1.0)
Take off
Battling the fleet (Galactix v1.0)
Battling the fleet (Galactix v1.3)
Battling the fleet
Using the claw to pick up a powerup
All targets eliminated
Fired a powerful missile (Galactix v1.0)
Fired a powerful missile
End-level heavy (Galactix v1.3)
End-level heavy
Another level completed
Flying around dangerous asteroids
Enemy fighter under my attack
Approaching the planet Saturn
This is the Xidus command ship
Landed on space station Theta 7
Take off for the final confrontation (Galactix v1.0)
Take off for the final confrontation
Released a mega bomb (Galactix v1.3)
Released a mega bomb
Rain of homing missiles
Armed with five laser cannons!
A yellow planet in distance
Pulling down extra shots powerup
This is the Xidus flagship
Continue ending or try again
If you fail...
The high score screen