Advertising Blurbs
    The Solar System: uninhabited, uncharted territory, or so it is believed. But the year 2181 has arrived and planet Earth is about to be changed forever.

    Two hundred years since the first 'Galaga' invasion and humans have forgotten about the threat of destruction by alien life forms. But they will soon be regretting their complacency as evil begins to stir, its target none other than Earth. Now imagine the worst has already happened, and you are the only surviving star pilot, it is down to you to turn the tide of the invasion.

    Fight for survival as you test your skills to the limit in combat against swarms of aliens. Learn their attack patterns, predict their strategies and defend your planet from the advancing Galaga forces. It's a tall order - are you up to the job?

    Contributed by Xoleras (66813) on Dec 08, 2004.