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Tries to do too many things, doing none of them well and forgetting that it's Galaga. PlayStation DarkBubble (376)

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Platform Votes Score
PlayStation 6 2.6
Windows 5 2.6
Combined User Score 11 2.6

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WindowsActionTrip (Nov 09, 2000)
Galaga: Destination Earth is a combination of new technology and a somewhat altered contents of the original game. A lot of things happened in computer industry since the times when things like FPSs and hardware acceleration didn't exist. Atari is no longer on the gaming scene so Hasbro Interactive took up the job. In regard to the old saying "don't fix it if it ain't broken," they barely changed anything about the game concept. The gameplay remained the same, apart from some technical improvements. The graphics have been changed in order to suite modern standards, and the entire game has been converted to a pseudo-3D environment, with a four-way side-scroller (meaning, you can't move the camera freely through the otherwise full 3D environment). The game also features a multitude of new visual effects and pre-rendered video sequences... Still, the new Galaga is more of a tribute to the original than a modern PC game.
PlayStationPSX Nation (Dec 21, 2000)
Galaga is definitely an improvement over Hasbro's past attempts but for anyone looking for more than a novelty, a solid shooter in other words, should probably look elsewhere. It's a mediocre game that never gets too bad to advise a complete avoidance. If you like Galaga try it, otherwise unless you're looking to bring back memories or have a few bucks to blow on a rental it's not a game to go out of your way to experience.
65 (Oct 02, 2000)
After all this game is an allright title but it doesn't introduce anything new to the genre AND gets boring really fast: i got tired of it after half an hour of playing. If you like arcade games go and grab it, otherwise don't bother. Of course this game will please those mad retro-guys that are still playing the original with mame or other emulators, well at least u can buy and own this remake, anyway the magic of the original is mostly lost.
PlayStationMega Fun (Nov, 2000)
Das “neue“ Galaga bietet wirklich nichts Neues, was schon von Shootern wie Einhänder, R-Type Delta oder Raystorm besser präsentiert worden ist.
WindowsAbsolute Games ( (Oct 06, 2000)
Как бы там ее ни ругали, но отдать должное Hasbro нужно. Она умеет переделывать игры для детей, причем на достойном уровне. Именно благодаря ей в наше время выходят игрушки чуть ли не двадцатилетней давности, пережившие не один десяток компьютеров, консолей и портов куда бы то ни было. Думаю, об этом не стоит забывать. Иначе что мы оставим потомкам? С чего будут начинать они?
PlayStationVideo Games (Nov, 2000)
Das war ja wohl klar: Auch Galaga schafft es wie so viele andere Remakes nicht, mit dem Sprung in die dritte Dimension denselben Spielspaß zu bieten wie viele von uns ihn vor Jahren hatten. Die unübersichtlich-hektischen 3D-Stages hätte man sich getrost sparen können und dafür größeres Augenmerk auf die guten alten 2D-Tugenden legen sollen. Denn die Horizontal- und vor allem auch die neuen Vertikal-Stages spielen sich gar nicht mal so schlecht. Jetzt noch ein paar Extrawaffen und Gimmicks dazu, dann passt's. Vielleicht beim nächsten Mal, gelle.
WindowsGame Over Online (Oct 18, 2000)
There are two great industry secrets to a successful arcade game. 1) The game should be exciting or interesting to play from the very first second. 2) The difficulty level should be such that you lose your quarter (probably $1 today) before you get bored of playing. Frankly, Galaga: Destination Earth fails on the first, so who the hell cares if it succeeds on the second. This game could be improved 3000% just by allowing me to skip stages I've already completed when I start a new game. As it stands, the later stages are fun, but not worth the tedium of the earlier stages to get there.
PlayStationAtari HQ (2000)
Those of you who were hoping to fall in love with Galaga all over again are best advised to stay away. Judged on its own merits, Galaga: Destination Earth does have its moments. But they're few and far in between. And if you're thinking of enjoying a few rounds of the original, well, you won't find it here because it's been left out. Ouch.
PlayStationGameSpot (Oct 20, 2000)
Of all the old-school to 3D remakes, Galaga: Destination Earth may be the most uninspired. It fails to build upon an already simplistic premise and opts instead to stick with a formula that made it popular almost 20 years ago. While it can be fun at times, there are so many annoying gameplay issues that the overlying feeling of hindrance is difficult to shirk. While old Galaga fans will appreciate the 3D upgrade, even they will grow tired of Destination Earth after a few hours. If you're looking for a great PlayStation shooter in this style, pick up Einhander and forget about this one.
WindowsGame Captain (Dec 13, 2000)
Mäßige Neuauflage eines Klassikers, nur für Nostalgiefans.
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Dec, 2000)
Trotz der Verbesserungen blieb nichts vom Charme des Oldies übrig. Die Grafik sorgt in Verbindung mit der oft unübersichtlichen Perspektive für mehr Frust als Lust bei der Alien-Jagd.
WindowsPC Joker (Dec, 2000)
Für inhaltliche Neuerungen hat die Fantasie der Designer leider nicht gereicht, trotz der Handvoll Extras wie Turboschübe oder Smartbombs wird die virtuelle Schießbude bald langweilig. Die Steuerung über Tastatur und Gamepad sorgt für Fingerkrämpfe, die düdelige Synthesizermusik für Ohrenschmerzen. die fehlende Speicherfunktion für Frust und keine Multiplayer-Unterstützung für Abwechslung. Definitiv ein Fall für Sammler.
WindowsPC Player (Germany) (Nov, 2000)
Nach gelungenen Remakes wie Frogger, Breakout oder Centipede hat sich Hasbro diesmal einen Schuss in den Oldie-Ofen geleistet. Mit dem guten alten Galaga hat dieser Weltraum-Schrott nicht viel zu tun.
PlayStationAll Game Guide (2000)
The best way to remake an old favorite is to add bells and whistles to the tried and true formula while keeping the heart and soul of the original intact. Tempest 2000 for the Jaguar and Q*bert for the PlayStation are excellent examples of this. Destination EARTH adds plenty of newfangled features, but it takes the spirit of classic Galaga and crushes it beneath its 3D, mission-oriented levels.
WindowsPC Zone (Aug 13, 2001)
Think Space Harrier but worse and you're not going to be far off. As we've said before, sometimes Hasbro gets these updates right. Often they get them so badly wrong, you wonder if the developers have got any sort of passion for the game they're converting. On this sort of evidence you'd be well advised to dust down your old BBC and play that version instead. At £5 a shot, we'd be more charitable, but this is strictly play-once, throw-away fodder.
PlayStationThe Video Game Critic (May 06, 2001)
After that, you're off to a series of horrendous first-person stages with graphics so cluttered that you can't even tell what's going on. Other elements of the original Galaga, like the double-shot and challenge stages are included, but these are so poorly executed you'll wonder why they even bothered. With Galaga Destination Earth, Hasbro has taken a classic and watered it down with every boring modern game cliche known to mankind.