Galaxy Force II Screenshots

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Amiga version

Loading screen
Title screen
Scene select
Dropped onto the red planet
Look out for the eruptions on the surface
Lovely eruptions
Lots of lovely fire effects
Penetrate fortress
Flying through the tunnel
Out of the tunnel
Scalable sprites galore
Flying in open space
These attack waves were a Sega trademark
More lovely eruptions
Fixing the boss
Mission 1 clear
Dropped off on the green planet
A friendly ship comes with upgrades
Game over
Out in the hangar
Follow the lights in the floor
Too close!
A big installation
Too close!

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
Title screen
Scene A, Level 1
Flying towards the base, fighting of enemies.
Fighting inside the base.
I ran out of fuel. Continue?
I didn't continue. Game over.

Arcade version

Title screen
Game begins
Big ship
Rocket steam
Space docks
Small hole
Long tunnel
Lava planet
Enemies squadron
Close eruption
Water planet
Nice plants
Cute'em up :D
Big bugs
Desert planet
Enemies are incoming
Big ship above
Rocks maze
Winter fight

Atari ST version

Loading screen
Control guidance
Scene selection
Game start
Early space action
Into the cavern
Avoid those walls
Entering the fortress on setting 2
Bonus collected
High scores
Scene 3
Lots of shrubbery here
Scene 4 is barren and hostile
Scene 5

Commodore 64 version

Title screen (That's II spinning)
Planet selection
World 1 start
Flying combat
Onto segent 2
This time the path is more defined
World 2
Flying low for this wave
In the fortress
World 3 is lush and verdent
But the tunnel isn't
Game over
World 4
Danger in its tunnel
World 5 on some sort of ice planet
Level complete

FM Towns version

Title screen
The intro begins in an abstract way...
...but gains colors...
...displays some of the enemies...
...the higher-ups...
...and the savior of humanity
High scores
You are being deployed
Normal enemies ahead
Be careful: asteroids!
Geometrical structures will impede your progress
Flying through a cave
The corridor turns into a large hall full of enemies...
...which may attack from all sides
You can select the stage right from the beginning
You are being submerged into lava
Fire worms attack
This cave has such traps
You found extra energy
You admire the view
You are being transported
Looks like we've got company
You have no time for local fauna
Annoying turrets
You are being brought to this beautiful, lovely planet
You are targeting enemies
Be careful of those pillars
Beautiful, but deadly...
Finally, light!
Don't crash into those clouds

Genesis version

Title screen
Main menu
Five scenes to choose form
Game start
Action all the way
Asteroid belt
Waves coming at me
Into the canyon
Now a tunnel
Taking a corner
Game over
The fire world
Passing a lonely planet
A tunnel, yesterday
Avoid the fire
The final bit of the level
Missiles can take care of this
Level complete
World 3
Down with that blob
Tunnel section
Carnage here
Seeing stars
A couple of waves here
World 5
High scores
World 5. Penetrate the enemy fortress.
Extra energy.
Penetrating. Again.

ZX Spectrum version

This screen displays as the game loads

The game detects that a joystick is connected, checks whether its the device the player wants to use, then continues the load
When loading is complete the title screen displays
... followed by the game start screen. This screen, or ones like it, are shown at the end / start of each level. The player presses FIRE to start and there's some more loading before the actual game
Its not much but this is the start of level 1. The player has to penetrate the enemy base and the dot in the middle is the entrance
Tally-ho and away we go ! We're in a launch bay - the enemy base can be seen ahead
Enemy fighters ahead
Not sure if this thing is friend or foe. Tried shooting it anyway
The enemy base gradually looms larger. There's a clear spell with no ships to shoot at, up pops a message and suddenly there they are again, trying to force the player off course
On the way inside. The white at the end of the corridor is an exit onto a plain
Made it onto the plain, different bad guys here
The plain gives way to another passageway. At times it can be very hard to see the ship
After some more corridor and some more plain we're in the final corridor and its a long one. The white up ahead that was there a screen or so ago has now been replaced with a wall
Now the corridor starts to twist left and right and it becomes really hard to see the ship
Just left the final corridor on level 1 and up comes this message
Flying through the tunnel, shot at the control centre, blew it up. Mission accomplished
There follows an end of level statement, then all the scores get added together
After a bit of tape loading, mission 2 starts
Mission 2 starts off in a different colour. There are asteroids crashing in from the left and columns near the ground
New enemy ships appear from nowhere
Very suddenly the red plain ends and we're flying through corridors again. The white ahead is not the end of the tunnel, its an illusion. On this level all tunnels are longer and they turn
This is the first energy pod that's been collected
Not quite the end but close
After more blue corridor and more red/yellow plain there's the end of level control centre
Level 3 is a more tasteful colour
Different enemies but the ship is still hard to make out
This really is the end. This is followed by a 'rewind tape & play message.
The player next sees this screen and, if they press a key there is a chance to enter the high score table before being returned to the start of level 1 screen

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