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Galaxy Force Reviews (SEGA Master System)

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Critic Reviews

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Mean Machines (May, 1991)
I thought the coin-op was about as entertaining as an episode of Neighbours, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this Master System conversion. The best thing about it is the sheer speed – even if the screen is teaming with sprites the action never lets up for a second – this is a essential for a great shoot 'em up. The graphics are excellent, and though the 3D is a little jerky, the attention to detail is great. All of the volcanic eruptions and storms make Solaria my favourite world. The sound is pretty flat and uninspiring, but the gameplay more than makes up for it. If there were a few more levels, Galaxy Force would be truly mega – but as it stands, it's still an excellent shoot 'em up and the best version of Galaxy Force you'll be likely to see.
GamesCollection (Nov 30, 2007)
Se vi è piaciuto After Burner o comunque vi piacciono i giochi in quello stile, nonostante i difetti, è un titolo da tenere in considerazione.
Retro Archives (Oct 16, 2018)
D’accord: c’est nettement moins impressionnant, ça se traine un peu et on a perdu du contenu. Reste que Galaxy Force sur Master System peut sans difficulté revendiquer la palme de la meilleure adaptation 8 bits du jeu – et même donner quelques leçons aux versions Atari ST et Amiga. Si la magie aura bien du mal à opérer sur autre chose que les nostalgiques de la console de SEGA, on appréciera néanmoins l’effort à sa juste valeur.
You could hardly expect a humble 8-bit Sega to come anywhere near the quality of the amazing Galaxy Force arcade machine, especially bearing in mind the console's sprite flicker problem, but the conversion is still a great disappointment. It's not as if the graphics themselves are good. On the whole, sprites and landscape elements are haphazard collections of brightly coloured pixels, and are often blocky. Music and effects are standard Sega – thin and weedy. And gameplay is a merely middle-of-the-road, mildly souped-up Buck Rogers variant.
VideoGame (Apr, 1991)
A serviço da Galáxia Junos, uma esquadrilha de elite enfrenta as forças do 4º império. Para o confronto com a nave-mãe inimiga, antes destrua as quatro principais fortalezas.
Above average graphics help this pretty straightforward shooter. Things get kind of choppy in some areas, however. Not a lot of variety - if you get through one round you've basically gotten through them all.
Game Freaks 365 (Jul 04, 2006)
Galaxy Force is generally a failure. The ending sequence is all it really has going for it, nothing else in my opinion. It's such a shame because the arcade version was superb. Even removing the spinning sphere and with a whopping four megs to work with, I know they could have done more with this. For collectors it should be known that the NTSC version tends to be fairly difficult to locate, not really worth too much effort to find, but if you see the shiny, silver thing go ahead and grab it for the masturbatory ending. I think that's a word.
Power Play (Jun, 1989)
Nichts gegen den Galaxy Force-Automaten. Er ist meiner Meinung nach eine der technisch besten Spielmaschinen, die es zur Zeit gibt. Wenn man aber versucht, einen zirka 20.000 Mark teuren Automaten auf ein 8-Bit-Videospiel umzusetzen, kommt selten etwas Tolles dabei heraus. Rucklige Grafik und Animation kennzeichnen die Master-System-Version; die Szenen im Tunnel sind kaum spielbar. Das sehr schlichte Spielprinzip fällt ohne die grafische Klasse des Automaten sehr unangenehm auf.
Übrig bleibt ein Spiel, daß a) zu schlecht ist, b) zu teuer ist oder c) etwa drei Jahre zu spät auf den Markt kommt. Das war ein Schuß in den Ofen!
Joystick (French) (Feb, 1990)
Ce jeu est donc d'une exécrable nullité sur la Sega 8 bits, il est dommage que l'on veuille toujours tout adapter surtout lorsqu'on sait pertinemment que la machine ne peut pas suivre...
The Video Game Critic (Apr 22, 2014)
One crash brings your game to an abrupt - and merciful - conclusion. Your score isn't even displayed until the end of the game. The only thing good about Galaxy Force is that it makes Galaxy Force II (Genesis, 1992) seem a lot less awful.