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Galaxy Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Title screen
Setting up game options
Starting star map
Issue some orders?

Atari 8-bit version

Title screen
Setting up a new game.
Initial game map
Issuing commands...

Commodore 64 version

Loading screen
Main options
Starting map
Issuing orders

Commodore PET/CBM version

Title screen
Name the fleet admiral
Star map
Lost a fight
Won a fight
The game is over
Better luck next time

DOS version

Loading screen (CGA)
Title (CGA)
Yeah, you read that right - this game supports tape I/O... on the PC! (CGA)
Setting up a new game (CGA)
The initial starmap (CGA)
Your command, Sire? (CGA)
The ingame menu (CGA)
The calculator lets you figure out interplanetary travel times (CGA)
Battle ensues at a neutral planet (CGA)
Admiral Bozo is defeated (CGA)
Fleet deployment after 10 turns (CGA)
Player C's starmap view (CGA)
Endgame (CGA)
Setting up a new game (monochrome)
Mono mode displays more information at a time; OTOH, "red" just blinks. (Monochrome)

TI-99/4A version

Title screen
Enter name
Is this universe okay?
Game start
Attacking a planet
Planet taken
Out of rounds
Conquered the universe
Play again?

TRS-80 version

Loading screen
Start a new game?
Setting up some initial game options
Initial game map
Enter your orders