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Fighters Megamix Screenshots (Game.Com)

User Screenshots

Game.Com version

Akira in Intro
Sanman in Intro
Main Menu
VS Mode Menu
Character select
1P Mode Course Selection
Mirror Match
Body Icons in corner represent destructibility of some character's clothing. This is a mirror match but I've beaten the shirt off of my opponent.
Perfect Victory
Akira kick to the face
Jump kick
Final boss of course D is the Hornet car from Daytona USA
Getting run over
Continue Screen
When you beat the Hornet car it bursts into flames or something. I can't make out what happened
Victory screen fro Mahler after beating stage six.
Stage type
Match with no Wall
1P Mode results
Time over screen
Candy's Clothes explode off of her
A 3D feature is that this kick does not land or give damage. It is so close he kicks beside your head
More Exploding clothes shrapnel
Survival mode options
Survival mode results
Jacky in his cool leather jacket
If you look closely you'll recognize this background as Pai's stage from Virtua Fighter 2 (& 2.1)
This Jacky victory screen makes you appreciate the graphics of the
Hidden character Kids Sarah from Virtua Fighter Kids
Before a special move characters turn white with beams coming out of them.
One of the better backgrounds in the game.
How Janet from Virtua Cop 2 unholsters her gun
She shot me in the face.. with a gun!
You unlock characters by beating Courses in 1P Mode