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Game Players (Aug, 1995)
Aside from the cookie-cutter action, Cheese Cat-Astrophe is a challenging little game with a great tempo. The speed really is somewhat impressive and the controls are extremely lively. The graphics are also pretty sharp, making the gameplay that much better. There is also a great little feature that allows the player to choose which language they would like to play the game in. I don't know how much use this will be to anyone, but it's an interesting idea, anyway. The most serious drawback is the fact that this game has been done before more times that any of us can count. This is for the die-hard side scrolling fan, that is, if you think you can keep up.
Video Games (Jul, 1995)
Berühmte Zeichentrickhelden haben es in Pixelgestalt schon immer etwas schwerer gehabt als ihre TV-Pedanten. Die Grafiker haben sich wirklich angestrengt, um Speedy auf dem mickrigen Game-Gear-Screen so gut wie möglich aussehen zu lassen. Die Sprites sind verhältnismäßig groß und annehmbar animiert. Das Spielprinzip hingegen ist nicht sonderlich intelligent. Meistens ist man mit Laufen, Hüpfen oder Aufsammeln beschäftigt, Das Problem dabei ist, daß man keine Übersicht in den Plattform-Levels besitzt, da Speedy weder nach unten noch oben blicken kann. Dementsprechend fällt das Fazit bescheiden aus: Abgeschmackte Jump‘n‘Run-Kost aus der Allerweltsküche.
GamePro (US) (Jul, 1995)
Speedy excels where the other handheld 'Toon games (like the Taz entries) failed - in the control department . The well-done backgrounds depict detailed mountains and other environments (mostly deserts). Speedy almost stalls at times, but he floors it over the speed bumps and makes for a fun little game.
Play Time (Jun, 1995)
Die Technik überzeugt durch gute Comic-Grafik sowie mit schnellem Scrolling, die gesamte Spielbarkeit leidet erheblich durch Speedys schneller Gangart. Zusammen mit den schnellen Feinden ist pure Hektik vorprogrammiert.
The cute little mouse from across the border looks great in this colorful game. I really enjoy the Looney Tunes characters and most games they've been in. This one looks and sounds great, but seems to fall due to the "speedy" nature of the game. By trying to simulate sped, the game scrolls to fast and causes too many free hits. It would be a really good game if you could slow down the scrolling a bit. Other than the speed, the game really captures the look of Speedy.
Cheese Cat-Astrophe isn't really bad so much as just unbearably unoriginal. The game has all the faults of a typical movie-to-videogame rushed release, but c'mon - programmers have had 30 or so years to study Speedy Gonzales and get it right. Shame on them for setting for this low level of quality! After all, a zany supersonic mouse has at least as much potential as a zany supersonic hedgehog.