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Devilish Screenshots (Game Gear)

User Screenshots

Game Gear version

Japanese title screen
Title screen
Big Brother is watching you
You can play either a normal game (stage after stage), or select any stage in a time trial
Blasting the squares. You can change the formation of your pads at any time. Here, you have three pads, one of which can be moved into any direction
Graveyard level. Note the zombies above
Well, this was clear enough...
Kill the evil blue bricks and free the princess, noble warrior!!.. Just kidding. She is evil herself. You should hack her in two pieces. Emancipation, you see
You carefully carry the ball past the automatic gate
This green smiling dude will swallow the ball and then shoot int into any direction he likes. Gotta respect his human rights, I guess
You enter a strange stage, attacked by bats
Boss battle. Avoid the blue balls this guy is shooting, and don't confuse them with your own ball!
Don't be on my way, flying pig or whatever you are. Got a time limit here, see?
Pause the game and see how well you are doing
You changed the formation, putting one of your pads vertically. The ball has also just changed its shape
In an ancient castle. Skeleton archers shoot at you as you work your way upstairs
Now the ball has turned into fire!
This level is an open area, with grass and earth
Those bricks appear as you advance. Very unexpected
It's not easy to free the ball from those guys
Your record
Volcano level
So many things in your way!
get the ball into that hole to complete the level