Disney's Bonkers: Wax Up! Screenshots (Game Gear)

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Game Gear version

Title screen.
Options screen.
The clue page.
Level one start.
By pressing pause, Bonkers can see how many pickle clues remain, and the direction of the next one.
A pickle clue.
Level complete.
Bonkers "undressing" a mummy at level two.
Bonkers finds Marilyn.
Marilyn shows the way to a bonus level.
The bonus level.
A Toon Toaster's part.
Bonus level complete.
Level three, "Fright's Gallery".
Level four, "Grand Gallery"
The first boss: Bull Dog Bully.
Bonkers defeated Bull Dog Bully!
Level five, "Garages and Ghosts".
Bonkers finds his friend, Fall-Apart Rabbit .
Game over.