Micro Machines Screenshots (Game Gear)

User Screenshots

Game Gear version

Developer's screen.
Title screen.
Number of players selection screen.
Game selection screen.
Character selection.
Qualifying race intro.
Racing at the bathtub.
Oponnent selection.
This screen displays the vehicles you've collected...
Race 1 intro.
Racing "The Breakfest Bends".
Race results.
Now you've got the Sportscar.
Race 2 intro.
Racing the Desktop Drop-Off
Your first opponent eliminated.
Now you've got the Warrior.
Race 3 intro.
Racing the Oilcan Alley.
Now you've got the Turbo Wheels.
Race 4 intro.
Jumping at the Sandy Straights.
You've failed...
Now you've got another Four by Four.
Race 5 intro.
You're again over the breakfest table, but now there are more chalenges.
Now you've got the Formula One.
Race 6 intro.
Racing the Cue-Ball Circuit.
You have to precise in order to avoid falling into the hole or off the table...