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MTV's Beavis and Butt-Head Credits


DesignNuFX Inc.
ProducerTony Calandra
ProgrammingAndrew H. Marrinson, Dave Newton
ArtLisa Clarizio, Tammy Daniel-Biske
AnimationLisa Clarizio, Tammy Daniel-Biske
MusicByte‑Size Sound
SoundAndrew H. Marrinson

Credits and acknowledgements

ContentTony Calandra, Mike Casso, Amy McPoland, Al Nilsen, Rebecca Randall, Rose Trivisonno, Marla D. Wright (Marla C. Wright)
Character CommentaryChris Marcil, Sam Johnson
LayoutBeeline Group
.GWAR™ appears courtesy of Metal Blade Records. ''Jack The World'' used with permission of BGM Music.

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