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Primal Rage Screenshots (Game Gear)

User Screenshots

Game Gear version

Title Screen.
Intro: civilization died...
Intro: the draconians were born...
Who will rule the new Urth?
Main Menu Screen.
Game Type Selection.
Choosing your player.
First battle: mirror match. (BTW, you never knew Sauron was actually a T-Rex, did you?)
Sauron hits sauron with something that looks like a sonic blast.
Sauron conquers, and you loose...
Ok, let's try with Diablo.
Humm, better luck this time.
Each opponent defeated grant's you a territory in primal world.
Sauron vs. Talon.
Talon getting on Diablo's neck.
In training mode you're allowed to choose which will be your player and your opponent. Here we have Sauron vs. Blizzard.
Bizzard freezes and punches Sauron.
Game Over.