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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Screenshots (Game Gear)

User Screenshots

Game Gear version

Tails is grabbed by Robotnic
In a mine cart
Time your jumps carefully
Use the springs to jump higher
Looks like a solid enough wall
Until you spin at it that is
These sign posts mean the end of the level
A robot crab
Grabbed by Robotnic
A Robotortoise
Careful not to slide in the pincers
Let Robotnic do it
Lets see whats inside
Loads of trapped fluffy animals
Beginning a new zone
What a nice day
For a spot of gliding
Soaring through the clouds
Lots of rings in the sky today
So much for the nice weather
Little meanies
Heres their mother
The water zone
You cant move a quick underwater so you're best to dodge these
You need air after a while or the timer signifies your doom
Collect the bubbles for air
Use the bubbles to float up