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Sonic the Hedgehog Screenshots (Game Gear)

User Screenshots

Game Gear version

Title screen with the usual "Press start button" !
Entering Green Hill Zone
Power-up item ahead
Jumping fish
Facing Robotnik
One of the bonus levels. This one is always falling down.
First level of the jungle.
Sonic can't survive the deep water...
Behind a waterfall. The game gets slower here with so much sprite movement!
Sonic can also run on trunks :)
Second "Jungle" level. This one is done upwards.
Ending a special (bonus) stage. The more advanced the bonus stage, the more points you get with each ring.
Last jungle level. We must search and destroy "Robotnik".
Yeah, yeah... you're getting your ass kicked.
Weee, we saved the sweet squirrels and chickens! YEAY!
On the top of the mountains there's a labyrinth... which is actually the city's sewers.
First labyrinth level and falling into the water. After that, no way of coming back.
Inside water the view gets a "blue-green" tone.
As usual, when the timer stars, it means something... find bubbles or try to reach the surface!
Robotnik's submarine fires torpedoes!
Scrap Brain is a quite technologically evolved city, with an extreme polluted appearance.
Scrap Brain's second level may appear confusing to newcomers, and long!
Not only Sonic has to jump on those rolling platforms, but also watch out for the fires flowing from the sides.
Nice belly you have there. Humm, it fires bubbles! Interesting..
Some barriers can only be opened from a side.
Using teleporters.
Come here, you big, fat, ugly, ...
The clouds above Scrap Brain appear calm and quiet...
... until the lightning show begins!
Not only there is lighting and the usual enemies, traps and moving platforms but cannons try to make the game more exciting!
Robotnik has a last hideout, his "Sky Base".
When we board the airship, it's already flying. So it will be high in the air.
The airship's main weapons are cannons, and she's full of them!
A quiet moment inside the airship. Actually, I'm being followed by a wall full of spikes...
There is another way to get in the ship... around it :)