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Urban Strike Game Gear Title


Kids to Adults
ESRB Rating

Urban Strike Credits

26 people


ProgrammingMike Posehn
Game DesignJohn Manley, Antonio Barnes (Tony Barnes)
Art DirectorJulie Gast Cressa (Julie Cressa)
ImplementationRoss Wentworth, Erich Horn
ArtVictor French, Tom Lisowski, Tony Gascon, Ron Sacdalan, Walter Ianneo, Jeff Fennel
3-D ModelsTim Calvin, Terrence C. Falls (Terry Falls), Lance Armstrong, Peter Traugot
Additional ArtKendra Lammas, Michael Shirley, Susan Manley, Keith Bullen
Sound and MusicDon Veca
Technical DirectorTim Brengle
Product ManagerDavid Sze
Assistant ProducerMichael Anthony Lubuguin (Michael Lubuguin)
Foley Hi‑Tech ProducerDavid Foley
Project ManagerSusan Manley
Assistant DirectorAntonio Barnes
Produced byScott Berfield
Directed byJohn Manley

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Credits for this game were contributed by Rik Hideto (376751)