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These games practically define the term 'easy to get into' - after all, what could be easier to comprehend than knocking a ball back and forth with a bat? Great fun, but even on beginner level the difficulty starts building up very quickly, and lightning reactions are needed to survive before you've got even a third of the way into the game. Although the shine wears off after a month or so, you'll probably find yourself strangely drawn back long into the future. Weird, huh?
To those that haven't seen this type of game before, it may sound like a classic candidate for the 'nice simple idea spoiled by too much tarting up' school of games, but it actually works very well and its addictive powers will soon have you burning several gallons of midnight oil. The only big drawback for the novice is the fact that the action hots up a bit too quickly - if your reactions are less than lightning fast, you may get very annoyed very quickly.
Hey Poor Player (Dec 06, 2016)
Woody Pop has some lovely colourful graphics and bags of personality that make it a joy to look at. You wouldn’t believe that such a relatively simple game could look so good. The sound can get a bit annoying though with its monotonous music and repetitive sound effects. Audio was never the Game Gear’s strength. I am prepared to let this minor flaw slip though thanks to Woody Pop’s great gameplay. I was actually surprised just how well it does control when you consider both the lack of a paddle controller and the Game Gear’s horrible squashy joypad. Woody Pop is a charming little game for the Game Gear that offers a good challenge and is more than worthy of a spot anyone’s collection.
Sega Power (Sep, 1992)
Remember those early video games of the '70s which had in-built versions of Breakout - the game where you had to destroy a wall of bricks by bouncing a ball against them? Well, this is more of the same, but updated. A cute clone with its own very unique style. Limited level select, piles of power-ups and distinctive graphics make this the best of its type so far. Very difficult but worth it.
Defunct Games (Jul 22, 2007)
Woody Pop is the perfect game for a portable system - quick, easy-to-learn, and fun. Its physics are perfect and the paddle flows smoothly. In the words of the Ren & Stimpy cartoon, "All kids love log ... It's big, it's heavy, it's wood, ... it's better than bad, it's good."
Game Power (Feb, 1992)
Mah, non so cosa dire (allora taci, NdR). Woody Pop è sicuramente un prodotto valido, ma io non lo trovo molto accattivante. Occhei! Occhei! La grafica è carina, e anche il sonoro non è male, ma secondo me è troppo difficile. Per fortuna è stata inserita la possibilità di continuare, altrimenti il gioco sarebbe stato davvero impossibile. Cosa vi devo dire, se avete un Game Gear e vi è piaciuto Arkanoid allora Woody Pop fa per voi, altrimenti lasciate perdere.
Retro Game Reviews (Jul 25, 2019)
Woody Pop certainly takes its cues from Arkanoid (1986, Arcades), but it does have a number of standout features that set it apart, namely its unique scoring mechanics and the ability to fuse items. There's plenty of content here too, and the tight level design and unlimited continues make for some enjoyable block breaking action.
Joystick (French) (Dec, 1991)
Bien loin d'être original, Woody Pop a tout de même le mérite d'exister. Et puis, même si vous aimez les casse-briques, vous ne pourrez pas être déçu par celui-ci.
Raze (Oct, 1991)
Every single games machine ever created (even the ColecoVision!) has had its own version of the original Break-Out game. Indeed, the Game Gear now has two: this and Devilish. While the latter has stretched the Break-Out genre even further, Woody Pop has based its solid gameplay on tried and tested principles.
Woody Pop ist ein netter Clone des legendären Breakout, das zwar nichts Weltbewegendes bietet (Arkanoid und Krakout lassen grüßen), aber lange Zeit zu motivieren weiß.
MegaZone (Sep, 1994)
Utilises the now defunct paddle control, this rip-off of the coin-op giant, Arkanoid, features a bevy of cutesy characters representing lasing entertainment value for the entire clan.
GamePro (US) (Jan, 1992)
Woody Pop is an enjoyable game, well-suited to the hand-held format, a nice way to wile away a little time. No thinking or fighting required.
60 (Dec, 2006)
Mein Fazit: Trotz aller Kritikpunkte ist Woody Pop gar nicht mal so schlecht und für ein paar Runden zwischendurch auf jeden Fall geeignet, auch wenn aufgrund des zeitweise absurden Tempos der Kugel auf dem Display ein präzises Lenken zum Glücksspiel wird. Für ein bis zwei Euro ist das Spiel in der Regel mittlerweile zu haben, und das ist es auf alle Fälle Wert, wenn man auf klassisch orientierten Arcade-Spaß ohne großen Tiefgang steht!
The Game Hoard (Jun 16, 2020)
Woody Pop’s interesting form of stage progression gives this brick-breaking Arkanoid imitator a layer of exploration in addition to the action-packed paddle play, but even the best power-ups can’t make up for the fact that most paths through the mansion will lead you into a few rooms where you’re hardly playing the game at all. While the game type does mean the ricochet of the ball does do much of the work technically, removing the influence of your paddle in these dud rooms slows down the game. While the blistering ball speed could use a bit of a reduction, Woody Pop still has plenty of good levels where keeping up is part of the challenge. The few watch and wait levels aren’t so bad they bog down the experience, but Woody Pop is still not the kind of Breakout variation that will keep the player hooked for too long.
Game Zero (Sep, 1992)
Just as Pac-Man had its millions of clones, Breakout, too, is a favorite theme in games even today. Basically, Woody Pop is a game for those of you looking for an Arkanoid style Breakout game on your Game Gear. Graphics are O.K., and personally I wasn't too excited with the sound. Expect nothing new here.
Play Time (Sep, 1991)
Ein großes Manko stellt Gesichts- und Hintergrundfarbe dar, da sie auf die Dauer ineinander übergehen. Eine Continue-Funktion relativiert allerdings diesen Nachteil, so daß ein mit Einschränkungen empfehlenswertes Spiel zurückbleibt.
Game Zone Magazine (Jan, 1992)
This is Breakout. No matter how many little add-ons and extras you tack on. A basic breakout game. Not a bad breakout game, but still a breakout game.
Gamers (Germany) (Aug, 1992)
Zu hektisch, zu schwer zu steuern, zu wirr bei Gegnern und Extras. Woody Pop frustriert nur.
Sega Visions (Aug, 1991)
Cancel your plans for the day, because once you start playing Woody Pop, there is no way you'll be able to put it down.