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X-Men: Mojo World Screenshots (Game Gear)

User Screenshots

Game Gear version

Title screen.
Options screen.
First level, character selection. Let's start with Wolverine...
Wolverine kickin some ass at New Orleans.
The first boss, a war wolf.
Level two character selection, Gambit is in now...
Gambit finds a health item at level 2.
The second boss, Magneto.
Level 3, Cyclops joins the party.
Cyclops against a little Sentinel.
The third boss, a huge Sentinel. Cyclops can direct his optic blast at the Sentinel's head.
Level four, now we have Havok with us.
Havok at Future New York City
The fourth boss, Fitzroy. He's only vulnerable when shooting his gun.
Level five, now with Shard .
Shard inside the Mojo World.
Level 5 boss, the agent. Shard should have no problem with her energy blasts.
Level six. No new character available, so let's play with Rogue, the strongest of them all.
Rogue fighing Mojo's guards.
Mojo himself!
Game over.