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atari mania

Game Over II Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
Title screen (as Game Over II)
Title screen
Main menu
Being attacked by ships
Fighting back
Phase 2
What for hot rocks.
Phase 3 in a cave.
A cave worm.
Not sure what the green things are but I bet they hurt.
Landed at the end.
Phase 4 on beast back.
Throwing my energy weapon.
End of part 1.
Part 2 I can jump but my buddy here is my weapon.
I lost a life.
My enemies ride forth
Nice house.
I lost all my lives. Game over.

Atari ST version

Loading screen
Title screen
Only a box to play in!
Dodging the asteroid field
They will rotate and follow you
Entering zone 2
That's not the sun, it's a rock ejected from that crater
It's... Game Over
In zone 3 is set underground.
..where you battle a flying centipedes and monstrous slowdown.
In zone 4 you ride a fat, tail-less kangaroo through a swamp... weird!
You start the second half of the game without any weapons
Unlike the earlier portion, this part of the game is not broken down into zones.
An alien garage.
Being stalked by a robot in a gas mask.
Ooo! Look what I found! Now to find out what it does.
The maze is pretty large.
And there we have it! If only the next screen over contained a giant letter U... now THAT'd be fun!
Snaaaake! It's a snaaaake!
At least the graphics are somewhat varied.
I'm not entirely sure what does letter S on top of the door signify.
More weird alien things.
Some nice sample of local flora.
A giant flower.

Commodore 64 version

The title screen
Absence of the giant HUD makes this stage a lot more playable
This is a very difficult stage
Unlike other versions of this game this underground zone is very short
The kangaroo-in-a-swamp stage. Please note that controls are especially poor in this area.
I am followed by my very own smiley ball of death.
This is, perhaps the best-looking version of the game.
I got myself a blaster! Woohoo!
An alien underground mall parking lot.
I am still not sure what this barrel of lightnings do.
Hmm, this looks significantly less like an F than other ports.
The snake tunnel looks nice
Nice looking shrubs.
Open this gate with an item located nearby.
More alien coolness.
A rather large tree/flower
All this helicopter does is carry you across one screen.
Prepare for some super-tricky platform-jumping.
You are attacked by demons.
Who's that guy?
Loading screen (as Phantis)

MSX version

Loading screen
Play Select screen
Fase 1
Beware of the asteroids
Fase 2
New enemies
Astroids and alien space ships
Fase 3
So many enemies
Just blew up some enemies

PC Booter version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Starting Level
Take care with the asteroids!
That enemies seems arrived from the dark side
Initially, this stage seams really difficult.
But eventually you will learn to position your ship at approximately *this* height and move forward and back to avoid obstacles.
Entering the underground zone.
Perhaps it's an emulator issue, but things start to slow down around here.
Again - this zone is extremely slow.
Fat kangaroo aside, this portion's gameplay is similar to Rygar.
...almost there!
It's hard to take seriously a game where you're attacked by aliens riding rubber balls.
I wonder who lives there.
An alien garage. The only thing missing is an alien garage band.
Since the action screen is so small and the sprites are so large, it is often impossible to avoid getting hit.
I am yet to figure out the purpose behind this sparkling barrel.
If you ever get more than two or three enemies on screen at the same time the game becomes unbearably slow.
At least the CGA alternative palette is put to some use.
Some areas are almost pretty.
...in an ugly, CGA kind of way.
You need an item to open this gate.
Wow! That's a large, ugly plant!

ZX Spectrum version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Starting Level 1
Who put those asteroids here?
So much enemies!
Starting Level 2
Starting level 3.
Level 4: cross the swamps.
Second stage. Surface level.
Ionic turbo laser found.
Alien base level.
Proton loader found.
Underground forest level.
Access medallion found.
Inner lake level.
Helicopter found.
Flying by helicopter. Too bad you can't control him.
Magma level.
Prison level.
Arkos liberated.