007: Nightfire Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Title screen.
Main menu with some basic options.
The 1st mission will be in this big castle.
It's time to use your gun: go on!
Two basic equipments: a big heavy gun (or ammunition) and a cell phone. Yes, a cell phone!
Two enemy soldiers to shoot: which I must kill first?
Bond entered in the castle successfully!
Better leave these two talking calmly or its mission...
Superb target, Bond!
Don't kill Zoe! She's your pal...
Armed with a powerful "bazooka", you must use your skill and destroy this helicopter.
Mission finished! But if you not reached the necessary score...
Remember of this classic take?
Keychain Stunner in action.
Rescue the nice girl doing a nice shot in that grey-tied fool!