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DS-x2 (2005)
Movie tie-in games aren't generally much more than mediocre entertainment and when the same product suffers years of delay we can only fear the worst. Strangely though A Sound of Thunder has managed to rise above all this and all we have to say is that it was definitely worth the wait. Entertaining gameplay woven through an engaging and well-written story is really all gamers want from a title. Add to this the constant change in pace, gaming styles and overall atmosphere and you'll start to see just why we found it so hard to put down. A mention must also go to some of the puzzles in the latter part of the game, which manage to bridge the fine line between utter frustration and complete satisfaction (at least they do when you finally figure them out).
80 (Feb 01, 2014)
Adapter une nouvelle de vingt pages, fut-elle un grand classique de science-fiction, en film et en jeu vidéo, cela n’avait rien de facile. Pourtant, le tout s’avère plutôt bien rendu dans les deux cas. Graphiquement des plus corrects, le titre offre une combinaison idéale entre shooter et réflexion, dans un contexte et avec un gameplay tendant vers le survival. Un cocktail atypique pour une aventure temporelle qui, si elle n’est pas exempte de défauts, saura divertir le joueur alors qu’il lutte pour la survie du genre humain. A moins bien sûr que la lecture de ce test n’ait eu une quelconque incidence sur notre futur, à force de papillonner ainsi d’une ligne à l’autre…
IGN (Mar 01, 2005)
The development team's excellent Max Payne definitely outclasses A Sound of Thunder, simply because Max Payne was the follow-up using the technology created for BAM's game. But A Sound of Thunder is a decent throwback, and even after sitting on the shelves for a couple of years the game design hasn't gotten entirely stale. It's definitely worth the price of admission if you can score three other players and some link cables, because this game offers some surprisingly decent deathmatch action that only needs a single cartridge for the network.
This is one of the few times that a GBA game has actually piqued my interest in seeing the movie that it was based on.