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Advanced Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, is an awesome game! Xenetreous (25) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.9
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.4
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.2
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Overall User Score (30 votes) 4.1

Critic Reviews

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Frictionless Insight (Jul 22, 2003)
Advance Wars was easy to recommend, and anyone who has not already done so should rush straight out to acquire Advance Wars 2. The only question is whether Advance Wars 2 offers enough additional material that owners of the first title should bother to purchase the second: the answer is an emphatic yes! This new installment offers so much additional material, along with plenty of pleasant tweaks, that it is a must-have. Advance Wars 2 has added enough new material to be a worthy sequel, and a sequel worth owning.
GamerDad (Apr 18, 2005)
In conclusion, Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising is an excellent game. It rates very highly even if you're not a fan of strategy games. However, since almost all strategy titles for portable consoles have had very poor showings, Advance Wars 2 shines out like the gem it is. It is highly recommended for anyone.
AceGamez (2003)
Nintendo have definitely not fumbled the ball on this one; they have taken what I thought was an already perfect game and improved on it significantly. New units, new COs, new powers, new non-linear gameplay, great new cut-scenes, superb sound - what more can I say? If you have the original you should buy this game anyway. If you've never played the original then Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising is an absolute must! It would be a crime to own a Gameboy Advance and not have this game in your collection.
Nintendojo (2003)
Although very similar to its predecessor, Advance Wars 2 offers a long, solid Campaign mode that should more than justify a purchase for fans of the original. The increased difficulty and lack of a Tutorial mode may turn off newcomers to the Wars series, but the fun, depth, and replayability of this game make it a killer ap for the GBA just as much as the original.
100 (Feb 12, 2006)
Overall, Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising feels very much like Advance Wars, although that's not necessarily a bad thing. People expecting a huge overhaul from the first may be disappointed, but Advance Wars 2 is a worthy sequel to one of the GBA's best games. It's additions like the new C.O.s, the vamped up campaign mode, and the various new maps and challenges that make this game great. Even though there are probably some who feel it may be a little cheap since it is almost the same game as Advance Wars, most owners of the original will definitely want to pick this up.
UOL Jogos (Sep 16, 2003)
Mesmo quem não é fã dos jogos de estratégia desse estilo no PC deve experimentar "Advance Wars". Sua simplicidade na fórmula e complexidade na execução garantem diversão fácil, rápida e acessível.
100 (GAF) (Feb 06, 2005)
To rate a game as good as Advance Wars 2 with a number would be an understatement. Yet, by GAF law, I am forced to give the game a number. Logically, I would give it the highest grade I possibly could, as it is my duty to review games and recognize their value. So, you have it, the story of the 10, and the best game on Gameboy Advance.
JeuxActu (Jul 15, 2003)
Cela fait un an qu’on ne joue quasiment qu’à ça. Advance Wars est une drogue dure dont on se délecte partout, tout le temps, seul ou à plusieurs. Cette suite se révèle être tout aussi captivante, grâce à un choix évident de la part des développeurs : ne surtout rien changer !
95 (Nov 15, 2003)
Advance Wars 2 is one of my favorite GBA games to date. It has both memorable characters and memorable gameplay. It’s a great game with a lot of cool elements. The replayability is unmatched when compared to any other GBA game on the market today. Even after you complete campaign mode, I guarantee you will be coming back for more action! I must recommend that you purchase Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, as it a blast to play.
Deeko (2003)
Though there haven't been as many improvements made to the game, Advance Wars 2 still manages to shine... as it is a polished title that simply needs little improvememnt. Though more new units would've been nice, they are simply unnecessary and would bog the title down. Simply put, this is a fantastic sequel and a terrific approach to tactical simulations. If you have a GBA, this is a must buy.
Black Hole Rising expands upon the original game in a number of key areas. COs can now unleash two different powers, which as you can imagine, adds great strategic depth, but also makes the enemy forces a bear to handle. One such power, dubbed Airborne Assault, drops troops onto all of your team’s cities. If a particular force has captured a ton of cities, this tactic will turn the tides of war in a heartbeat. To inject variety into the missions, many of the maps now feature new enemy installations such as a fortress surrounded by eight turrets. These enhancements give the game a new look and will test your every skill. Once again, multiplayer is supported through single and multi-pack, and the map editor produces an infinite number of gameplay options. Applying turn-based strategy to the handheld medium seems like the ultimate contradiction, but Advance Wars 2 proves that it’s the perfect combination.
Netjak (Jul 31, 2003)
AW2 is an incredibly fun and addictive turn-based strategy game that even with its minimal improvements definitely overshadows what the original contained. AW2's simple and elegant approach makes this sequel ideal for anyone that wants something that they can just pick up and dive into since no prior knowledge of the game is required, and you're taken care of by the "kid gloves" tutorial from the first set of missions to help get you started. In my book, AW2 is a must have game on the GBA that’s like pixel crack, once you start playing you're not going to want to stop the addiction.
While Advance Wars 2’s Black Hole Rising tag line may sound like a new Soundgarden album, it is actually the follow-up to one of the greatest games in history. I’m not just talking about handheld titles either; I’m talking consoles and PCs as well. Okay, now that the uninformed have run off to play the original; we can discuss the sequel that, for all intents and purposes, is a lot more of the same – except with bigger, more difficult missions and some new pieces to spice up the action. While that doesn’t sound like much of an improvement on the surface, it really makes for an outstanding sequel. In the end, Advance Wars 2 is everything a fan of the series could want. There are more opportunities for dual army control (like the final battle in the original) as well as much more challenging maps to defeat. If you own a Game Boy Advance, seriously need this game.
92 (Aug 14, 2004)
Whether you are a fan of Advance Wars or are a new comer, there is much enjoyment in this game. Once you learn all the rules of combat, you'll keep coming back to this game. Even when you finish the Campaign Mode, a harder one will become available. This brings even more replay value to the game. With its addicting game play, infinite replay value, and many things to unlock, you will never put this game away. Advance Wars is a fantastic original series that plays extremely well on the GBA. While it's not necessary, I would say if you have not played the first Advance Wars yet, play 1 before you play 2 as it has a better tutorial and will bring you into the second game nicely. Advance Wars 1 can probably be found for under $20 now too - well worth it. Once you've played enough of Advance Wars 1, then purchase 2. It offers harder challenges, but you will already know how the game works.
GameZone (Jun 30, 2003)
The Advance Wars series is one of Nintendo's unexpected surprises. While people scratch their heads, wondering what kind of things we'll see in the next Metroid game, Nintendo jumps ahead and gives us a must-own sequel to its must-own turn-based strategy game.
The Video Game Critic (Jul 18, 2004)
The first Advance Wars was a real sleeper. The media didn't pay it much attention, but hardcore gamers recognized the genius of this addicting strategy game. By the time this sequel emerged, video game magazines were revising history and hailing Advance Wars 2 as the greatest thing since Pac-Man. The truth is, Advance Wars 2 is really just more of the same.
DS-x2 (2003)
It's hard to find fault with Advance Wars 2 in any department so if you enjoyed the first outing expect more of the same in this excellent sequel. There is, however, nothing really unique here so if you were one of the many gamers expecting a brand new game then you'll undoubtedly be a little disappointed as this is really more of an Advanced Wars 1.5. It's still a very engaging title though whether you indulge in a single player game or one of the multiplayer bouts which makes a refreshing change as most developers usually only really concentrate on one or the other. I really could go on for some time singing the praises of this game but it's probably best if you just get yourself a copy as soon as possible. This really is one of those titles that should be in every serious Gameboy collection and if you haven't considered a game of this genre before expect to be thoroughly converted.
Strategy gaming came to the GBA with Advance Wars, and it's most definitely here to stay with Advance Wars 2. Though I would have liked to see more new units, and perhaps some improved visuals, the solid gameplay is still enough to keep me coming back. That said, if you haven't played the first game yet, pick up a cheap copy in the bargain bin. Advance Wars 2 all but assumes you've played the original, thus making it pretty difficult to hop into for newbies. For veterans, though, there should be nothing in the world to prevent you from running to the store and picking up Advance Wars 2. OK, maybe a Neo Tank, but not much else.
IC-Games (Jul 10, 2004)
So what you’ll probably want to know then is how long will this entertain me for? How many terminally dull journeys will it alleviate? The answer is dozens, possibly hundreds. Despite not having a choice of difficulties the curve of the battles is perfect. I’ve played very few games that can boast a near perfect balance between challenge and accessibility. It’s all the more surprising as if you fail a scenario you simply replay it and the starting positions don’t change. This gives you the foresight of the enemy’s weapons and likely introductions but still you can find yourself attempting to win by the slenderest of margins. I really don’t know how as you don’t feel like you’re in a game of multi-dimensional strategy and yet the difference between electing to advance your rockets or fire them now can be enormous.
GameSpot (Jun 20, 2003)
The first Advance Wars was the definitive sleeper for the Game Boy Advance. Released without any fanfare in the fall of 2001, this ingenious turn-based strategy game met with unanimous acclaim from critics and soon earned a large following of fans. The game's execution was practically flawless--from its distinctive graphical style, to its perfectly tuned gameplay balance, to its well-integrated tutorial, Advance Wars was highly accessible and very deep. It was simply an outstanding game by any standards and was ideally suited for the GBA's portable form. Now Nintendo and Intelligent Systems are back with a sequel to Advance Wars, which begs the question, how do you make something that's extremely good to begin with even better? Advance Wars 2 doesn't try to mess with success and doesn't try to fix anything that wasn't broken (not that anything was). It's fundamentally similar to its predecessor, offering more of the same addictive gameplay and the same memorable characters.
Pelit (Sep, 2003)
Jatko-osan uudet jipot eivät mullista peruskaavaa millään tasolla, mutta toisaalta hyvää ei kannata sörkkiä harkitsemattomasti. Sota rullaa nopeasti, napakasti ja tasapainoisesti. Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising on erinomainen strategiapeli, piste, ei vain erinomainen strategiapeli Gameboyn hiekkalaatikossa.
GamersMark (Sep 02, 2003)
But, this is not to say that I don’t have my regrets. The biggest deal here is the fact that the game only saves three design maps. If you create another, you’ll have to delete one of your old ones in order to save it. It’s fascinating how much Intelligent Systems managed to pack into this tiny little cartridge. In fact, if you look close enough, you can barely see the cartridge bulging from the massive load. In truth, there isn’t much more that can be stuffed into the Game Boy Advance hardware. Yet there is so much more than can be done...
90 (Dec 23, 2004)
Perhaps if you don't like turn-based-strategy games then you won't warm to Advance Wars 2, but when I played the original I wasn't a particular fan of the genre and it certainly won me over. If you own a GBA you really should own this game.
Looki (Nov 10, 2003)
Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising bietet wortwörtlich wochenlangen Spielspaß, denn alleine um die Kampagne und alle Kriegsgebiete durchzuspielen vergehen mehrere Tage Spielzeit. Der wirklich optimale Mehrspieler-Modus tut da sein übriges und lädt stets zum spaßigen Gefecht zwischendurch ein. Advance Wars 2 macht Spaß und bietet eine stilsichere Präsentation, die ob ihres kindischen Umgangs mit der Thematik aber sicher nicht jedermanns Sache ist. Alles in Allem ist Intelligent Systems einer der heißesten GBA-Titel des Jahres gelungen - für Hobby-Strategen ein absoluter Pflichtkauf.
90 (Oct 01, 2003)
Après le succès énorme remporté par le premier volet, Advance Wars 2 : Black Hole Rising s'impose comme la nouvelle référence du jeu de stratégie au tour par tour sur GBA. Même si l'on aurait souhaité découvrir davantage de nouvelles unités à gérer, le système de jeu prouve une nouvelle fois son efficacité. La campagne solo est passionnante et les affrontements en multijoueur réservent de très longues heures de jeu. Un titre indispensable sur ce support.
90 (Jul 28, 2003)
Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising is a fantastic strategy game and well worth the addition to anyone’s Game Boy Advance collection. The Split-screen and replay value are great, but if you are looking for a mindless game, this is not the right choice for you. I also think this would be a great game to come to GameCube for a multiplayer online game.
Thunderbolt Games (Apr 23, 2005)
I love this series, dammit. It may not be the deepest or serious plot for a tactics game, but Black Hole rising still takes all of the elements of its predecessor and improves on them. For the fans of the series, chances are you’ve already picked this up. If you haven’t, do so immediately. This is one of the few times where a sequel overshadows its predecessor. Even though the Advance Wars series will be seeing some time on the Gamecube sometime in the future, Black Hole Rising is still a blessing of wonderful quality, floating in a sea of mediocre ports and lacking games. With tons of characters, plenty of additions to an already solid gameplay package, and an overall excellent presentation, look no further than this portable wartime goodness.
Gamestyle (2003)
Strategy gaming came to the GBA with Advance Wars, and it's most definitely here to stay with Advance Wars 2. Though Gamestyle would have liked to have seen more new units, and perhaps some improved visuals, the solid gameplay is still enough to keep you coming back. Having said that, if you haven't played the first game yet, pick up a cheap copy in the bargain bin. Advance Wars 2 all but assumes you've played the original, thus making it pretty difficult to hop into for those who haven't. For veterans though, there should be nothing in the world to prevent you from running to the shops and picking up the magically realised Advance Wars 2. This is portable gaming at its best.
Advance Wars 2's only flaw is that it's not very different from the first game. Regardless, even those that own the first game should definitely look this game up, as it's every bit as maddeningly addictive.
NintendoWorldReport (Sep 21, 2003)
Despite the map design issues, the gameplay is solid and is definitely not a rehash of the original Advance Wars. The additional characters, new story emphasis, and diversity of the scenarios make Advance Wars 2 feel like a brand new game. The only complaints that some gamers might have may lie in that the game uses the exact same graphics as the previous title, but I would chalk up the limitations of the Game Boy Advance hardware to that. Besides, does it really matter as long as the gameplay is still good?
N-Zone (Nov 24, 2003)
Also, ich weiß nicht so recht, warum auf der Packung Advance Wars 2 steht. Die Unterschiede zum Vorgänger sind eigentlich kaum spürbar. Während der Kämpfe sieht das Spiel 1:1 aus wie der Vorgänger. Auf der anderen Seite beeindruckt der Titel durch die gewohnt hohe Spieltiefe und den deutlich erhöhten Spielumfang. Nicht genug, dass man nun auch mehrere Kommandanten im Kampagne-Modus steuern kann, auch die Anzahl der Karten wurde deutlich erhöht. Die Mehrspieler-Modi sind wie aus dem Lehrbuch umgesetzt und lassen einfach keine Wünsche offen.
GameDaily (Dec 14, 2006)
All in all, GBA games don't get much better than Advance Wars 2. Nothing has changed too much from the first title, but I spent over 100 hours with it, and thanks to the new editions that Intelligent Systems did include, I'm likely to do the same again. The gameplay is deep, the campaign is long and rewarding, the extras are extremely numerous, and the multiplayer is #1 on the GBA. What more do you need to know? Whether you think you're a fan of the strategy genre or not, you owe it to yourself to experience Advance Wars 2.
Cubed3 (Sep 06, 2003)
Now officially the best game on GBA, won't have the same impact as Advance Wars; but just as enjoyable.
Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising is an excellent strategy for the Game Boy Advance, and an excellent game, handheld or not. If you like turn-based strategy, this game is definitely for you. Unless you have a Nintendo DS and are considering the sequel Advance Wars: Dual Strike, I would pick this up without hesitation.
90 (UK) (Nov 20, 2003)
Taken in total isolation, there's no doubting Advance Wars 2 is a truly fantastic game; you'll lose literally tens of hours of your life without even blinking and Intelligent Systems deserves massive credit for playing to the strengths of the format - something so few handheld developers ever do. There's the potential for an unspeakable amount of gameplay time within - you'll be carrying this one around with you for months, flipping out the GBA for a quick session at every conceivable opportunity, wandering around playing it when you're walking down the street, hardly even noticing the cars swerving around you and the cursing pedestrians. Your partner will disown you, your pets will whimper at the lack of attention, you'll forget to eat.
IGN (Jun 20, 2003)
Overall the gameplay in Advance Wars 2 doesn't miss a beat when compared to the original, and the sequel is just as fun -- if not moreso -- than the original with the subtle differences Black Hole Rising adds to the design. The strategy has been streamlined a little bit with incredibly slight alterations to the COs abilities, and the artificial intelligence has been bumped up to make the sequel that much more challenging. The Campaign mode has been altered so that players assume the different CO roles in each of the different armies throughout the storyline, instead of the original's sticking with one army throughout the game. The multiplayer aspect is just as addictive in Advance Wars 2 as it was in the first game, as Intelligent Systems put both the single-cartridge and multiplayer modes to work in the four-player options. The original title definitely kicked a whole lot of ass on the GBA, and it's the same with the sequel.
Planet (Aug 10, 2003)
Was bleibt also ? Eine Fortsetzung, die mehr Erweiterung denn wirklicher Nachfolger ist. Eine wirkliche neue Einheit und ein, wenn auch sinnvoll, erweiterter Missions-Modus sind insgesamt gesehen doch ein wenig enttäuschend. Advance Wars-Fans werden natürlich voll auf ihre Kosten kommen – alle anderen brauchen nicht wirklich beide Teile. Aber genug gemeckert – für sich alleine gesehen ist Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising ein absolut geniales und motivierendes Spiel und genau der richtige Titel für die langen Winterabende. Für einen eventuellen dritten Teil wünsche ich mir dann aber doch etwas mehr Innovation, Potential dazu bietet das Spielprinzip sicher genug...
Imperium Gier (Aug 05, 2003)
Ktoś, kto nie widział pierwszej części może powiedzieć: „Strategia na GBA? Żartują sobie?” I błąd! Advance Wars 2 stanowi potężną masę rozrywki i spore wyzwanie dla każdego stratega. Gra jest przykładem dobrze zrobionego produktu. Staranne opracowanie graficzne, dobra muzyka (zwłaszcza po wykonaniu „speciali”), zróżnicowane jednostki i bardzo „heroiczni” dowódcy stanowią o sile tej świetnej gry.
RPG Kingdom (Feb 21, 2007)
Vous l'aurez compris en lisant cet article, j'adore les deux épisodes d'Advance Wars qui sont sortis sur cette bonne vieille GBA. Des histoires peu marquantes mais accrochantes pendant qu'on y joue, un système de jeu instinctif mais qui s'avère complexe quand on s'y penche, une réalisation exemplaire par rapport aux limites du support et une durée de vie presque illimité. Il s'agit vraiment pour moi de jeux exemplaires, qui pourraient même plaire aux détracteurs du tour par tour.
Game Critics (Jul 23, 2003)
I'm giving Advance Wars 2 an 8.5 because of the game's lack of any significant innovation (the missile silos and volcanos are nice, but one new tank doesn't cut it for me). The developers decided not to take any risks, which I can't really fault them for, since the first game was so damn close to perfection to begin with. The 8.5 doesn't mean the game is flawed, only that it hasn't been improved in any dramatic way. Rest assured, I'll absolutely still be playing Advance Wars 2 whenever the third game in the series is released a couple years from now—no game makes dull bus and train trips fly by faster. Let's hope that the next installment will boldly take a risk or two with its well-proven formula. As it stands, Advance Wars 2 is best thought of as an excellent extension of the excellent original.
Gaming Target (Mar 02, 2004)
Overall, a great package for those with even the slightest strategic inkling. Only an occasionally unpredictable difficulty level in the campaign mode and an annoyingly long tutorial hinder things. The game is simple enough for those who just want to play, yet has plenty of depth for those who like to dig a little deeper. Just like the first Advance Wars, Black Hole Rising is a must-buy.
Gamezine (Jul 28, 2003)
Advance Wars 2 : Black Hole Rising est donc une franche réussite. Pas vraiment innovant par rapport au premier volet, il s’impose comme l’un des tous meilleurs jeux GBA avec des graphismes agréables, des musiques entraînantes, une jouabilité parfaite et surtout une durée de vie monstrueuse. Novices ou joueurs confirmés, foncez sur cette cartouche qui est un véritable bijou !
Overall, Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising is a great game for strategy buffs. If you enjoy games such as Command & Conquer and Heroes of Might and Magic, then you will enjoy Advance Wars 2. However, this is not a game for everyone. With some of its missions, it can try your patience to the very end, and it’s definitely not a game you can play through all in one sitting... or even five sittings.
GameSpy (Jun 21, 2003)
Advance Wars 2 is still a great game, and better than the first in all of the important ways, but the impact is lessened by the similarity to the first game. Still, this will more than satisfy anyone looking to just play more of the same, or those interested in taking the series for a test drive. If you haven't finished your copy of the first game, though, you may want to hold off and see if you really want to play more like it before committing your money.
Nintendo Master (Nov 13, 2013)
Un excellent jeu, terriblement addictif, même pour ceux qui n'apprécient pas le genre.
Jag har några uppdrag kvar i det första spelet innan jag kan ägna mig åt nästa korståg fullt ut, men när den dagen kommer har Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising en given plats i stolsfickan framför mig. 10 000 meter över Atlanten. En finare komplimang än så kan jag inte ge ett Game Boy Advance-spel.
Add 1.5 to that if you've never played the original, but there isn't enough here to justify a purchase for non-hardcore fans of the original game. If it had more additions to make it feel like a true sequel, the score would be much higher.
Bordersdown (Aug, 2003)
Yet the flaws that beset the game are only a factor depending on what you expect from a sequel. And when a game plays this well any issues of unoriginality seem far from important. This is still an engrossing, addictive and demanding game that feels so much at home on the handheld format, it is a wonder why so many developers fail to see the true potential the GBA can offer.
80 (Nov 05, 2003)
This deep and addictive turn-based strategy game puts you in the role of an army commander who must struggle to conquer a world that has been shattered by warring factions. Typical of the genre, the battle map is a grid. Movement and combat are reminiscent of chess, where each unit can move a certain amount of spaces over certain terrain and can attack only certain enemies at a specific distance. Campaign mode teaches you as you play. Once you advance a few levels, the battles become more difficult: One wrong move will cost you, which will frustrate some but challenge others.
GamePro (US) (Jun 23, 2003)
Just like its predecessor, Advance Wars 2 is a great, excellently balanced, and super-fun strategy game, but it feels more like an expansion pack than a sequel. If you never played the first one, skip right to number two. If you’ve still got the old one unfinished sitting in your GBA carrying case, you might as well dust that one off instead of paying for the same game again. But play one of em, dammit. This is dang good stuff.