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User Reviews

Wicked! Patrick Robertson (5) 4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars
A must own for any Game Boy Advance fan Travis Russell (3) 3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars
Great game, although perhaps too simple Kate Jones (480) unrated
Great war on little screen 666gonzo666 (65883) 4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars

Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.9
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.2
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.9
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.6
Overall User Score (92 votes) 4.0

Critic Reviews

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NGC Magazine (Dec, 2001)
It's hard to imagine how the concept and execution could have been bettered. There are only a couple of flaws with this little beauty: firstly, the visuals are functional, if not quite jaw-dropping. Secondly, when playing four-player with four GBAs you can't do anything at all while your opponents are choosing their moves. This is sure to result in boredom as you can't even look around and plan your next move. But these are niggles with what is otherwise a very serious contender for the best game on GBA. You've heard the review cliché that goes "if you like turn-based strategy, you'll love this!", but even if you detest turn-based strategy, you'll Still go a bundle on Advance Wars.
(US version)
Advance Wars besticht durch exzellente Grafik, tollen Sound, extrem viele Missionen, eine sehr einsteigerfreundliche Lernkurve, zahlreiche Spielmodi, einen modulinternen Speicher, viele Truppentypen, erspielbare Extras sowie einen Karteneditor (drei StĂŒck speicher- und per Link-Kabel tauschbar!) und wird so zum nahezu perfekten Strategiespiel fĂŒr unterwegs. Wem das Genre auch nur minimalst attraktiv erscheint, muss einfach zugreifen, denn Advance Wars ist unangefochten der neue Genre-Spitzenreiter!
Gaming Age (Sep 28, 2001)
There are over a hundred maps supplied, so I wouldn't worry about the game losing its reply value anytime soon. Just in case you were worried about that number, it even offers a map creation mode that will let you create the environment as well as place the starting units. Once you've passed the tutorial, you'll also open up link mode for playing against another friend with a GBA and a shop to buy new maps for all modes. I think everyone needs this game, and I think if you don't have a GBA, you need to get one just so you can play Advance Wars.
Pocket Gamer UK (Oct 21, 2005)
Ultimately, we could write all day about this and still not fully convey the game's intricacies. In short, the genius of Advance Wars lies in the extraordinary balance of its components. They may sound unconvincing on their own, but when combined they form a remarkably coherent world that offers an astonishingly deep and amenable strategic system. It's one of the most absorbing gaming experiences around, and presents a challenge the formidable Alexander himself would have relished.
AceGamez (2001)
Since starting Advance Wars I have played nothing else on Game Boy and I think that no higher praise can be given to a game. If it makes you reluctant to remove it from the console to play another because it's so good, then it gets full marks. The fact that Advance Wars has done this now for over a month (and I am holding off playing the new Zelda game until I complete it) is again further testament to the brilliance of the title. If you have and Game Boy and don't have this title then get out there and buy it, you will not be disappointed.
Nintendojo (2001)
You must play this game, at least through the field training. It’s just so amazing. I mean, look at how long this review is. If you put it in Microsoft Word, it’s four pages long. And I didn’t go back to consult the game in the other room once. This is all off the top of my head. It goes much more in depth. But like I said above, words don’t describe it. Buying it, no no, stealing it at $35 is the only way. Only way. Buy it. Now. Go out and buy it. There is no reason for renting it. Once you progress, you’ll only be disappointed that you have to sit through all the text again. The text is incredibly useful the first time, but just plain annoying the second time through. So buy it. Now. FuncoLand, Target, Toys R Us, it really doesn't matter, so long as you get this game.
Snackbar-Games.com (Feb 12, 2006)
Overall, Advance Wars is probably one of the best games you can buy on the Game Boy Advance. For a GBA title, is has an insane amount of content, options, and some great multiplayer gaming, even if you only have one GBA and one copy of the game. The great graphic style and complex yet easy to learn battle system makes it incredibly addictive. While there are those people out there that don't particularly care for turn-based strategy, they might like Advance Wars just as much as fans of the genre. Advance Wars is really one of the GBA's triple A titles, and in truth, should be owned by anyone who has a GBA.
UOL Jogos (Nov 19, 2001)
Em suma: Advance Wars é um excelente jogo de combate estratégico, com regras simples mas enorme profundidade. E como é possível salvar o jogo a qualquer momento do seu turno, ele é perfeito inclusive para ser jogado na condução, na fila ou em outras situaçÔes semelhantes.
WOW! I never knew that strategy could be this good. I've played Final Fantasy Tactics quite a bit and Advance Wars is every bit as good - only easier to get into. Anyone can play this game, and the best part is that you can play it forever with the map editor and generator.
Advance Wars not only offers link-cable multiplay for four players (as well as “hot-hand” gameplay, wherein a single GBA is passed around), it even allows players to use coins earned in battle to purchase new gameplay maps. And even beyond that, you can use the built-in editor to design your own maps, which can then be traded with other AW owners! All this, wrapped up with a head-wobblingly strange storyline that reads like some superdeformed RPG (with relentlessly boppy music); Advance Wars is a war-horse of a Game Boy Advance game, tracked and treaded for the long haul.
NintendoWorldReport (Sep 19, 2001)
Intelligent Systems has never disappointed me with their games. While here at PGC we try and avoid calling games "TEH BEST TIHNG EVAR", this is quite possibly the title that truly deserves it. The game is insanely deep, has almost unlimited replay value and has over 114 single player maps alone! IS has packed so much into this game it is positively frightening. As you plow deeper and deeper into the game you're continually surprised at the insight that the designers had in creating this masterpiece. So I'll reiterate: Buy this game. Don't even bother renting. Now NOA, get the courage and localize Fire Emblem VI, and completely wow your fans again!
Thunderbolt Games (Aug 24, 2003)
Advance Wars really is as good as everyone makes out, with beautiful visuals, excellent multiplayer, perfectly balanced gameplay with lots to do and different ways of doing things. There's an astounding amount of depth for a handheld title and it easily outshines many console and PC titles. It's the GBA's Halo, the title that everyone should own, a definitive benchmark in videogames design.
GamersMark (Jan 02, 2002)
All in all #5 on my alltime favorite game list behind the likes of Zelda and Final fantasy games. Did I for get to mension the infinite replay value from the link mode and ability to create your own map? The best handheld I’ve ever played.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Jan 20, 2002)
If you buy this game only for the single player mode you won't be disappointed. If your interest in the game stretches to multiplayer jiggery pokery - and that does mean finding a rival GBA owner with the cart - then you're in for an even bigger surprise. Advance Wars is a game for every situation and mood, with superb presentation, gameplay and unfathomable replay value. I have no complaints.
Gaming Target (Mar 19, 2002)
Advance Wars was one of the earliest Gameboy Advance games to truly showcase the system’s audio tools. Unlike other early GBA efforts, Advance War’s upbeat and powerful industrial tunes could never be reproduced on the classic Gameboy, and it will not let you forget that. Every CO has his own unique tune that plays all throughout his turn... every turn, for every mission. In the later missions, you could take up to half an hour deciding on all of your armies’ actions, you will be listening to your CO’s theme quite a bit throughout this lengthy game. The sound effects are pleasantly accurate. The weapons all sound authentic, and the explosions are happily satisfying.
IGN (Sep 10, 2001)
Advance Wars is as brilliant as they come on the Game Boy Advance. The game isn't this action-packed button-mashing thumb-buster on the system, but Advance Wars is incredibly intense and amazingly addictive...especially when you learn every little nuance of the game design. Single player mode is a challenge in itself, but when you get another player (or three) into the battlefield, that's when you see just how versatile the game design really is. The learning curve has been addressed with a well-designed and integrated tutorial mode that must be completed in order to gain access to the rest of the game.
NZGamer (Apr 16, 2004)
I wont lie, I think Advance Wars is the best game on gameboy now and probably until the end of the GBA's life. I also wont lie, this game wont appeal to everybody. Everything Advance War's does right in gameplay is in it's own genre. If you know you prefer action to the more drawn out thinking a strategy title brings, you may need to try a different game. If you like strategy games, are tight on funds and are looking for a game that ensures hundreds of hours of addictive gameplay, Advance Wars is a must have.
This is a great strategy turn-based game for your Game Boy Advance collection. I highly recommend it as it holds up very well even after almost twenty years. After playing Advance Wars, I actually felt smarter. It was like playing chess and really made me strain my brain when thinking about not only my next five moves but my opponents as well. I’d like to think I am now a warlord capable of defeating any army or foe.
About the only complaint I have with Advance Wars is that a unit's turn is over when it attacks, but this is really just nitpicking. This game puts me in awe of what the Game Boy Advance is capable of, and if you are at all a strategy fan, I can't recommend Advance Wars enough.
GameSpy (Sep, 2001)
Advance Wars is one of the top strategy games of the year, on any platform. It's worth owning a GBA for, if you can get around the tiny screen that any hand-held has and the lack of backlighting that the GBA suffers from. It's really a fantastic addition to the GBA library. It gets my highest recommendation.
This game is very uncomplicated to say the least. In this case, however, simpler is better, much better. The idea behind this was to make a game that has simple rules that are easy to follow and simple interactions and differences between opponents. The end result was a complex game where the player finds out great strategies that suit him. I suggest that you try Advance Wars out.
Netjak (Sep 23, 2002)
This is by far the best game that the GBA has available now because it just represents depth to each area equally and provides the challenge to match. I suppose GW could also view as a Starcraft with training wheels for the beginner but serve the veteran just as effective. This is about as close as you can come to in creating a perfect game and the shocking thing here is that AW is on a portable system. The power of caffeine just doesn't hold a candle to the sheer overflowing addiction levels created in Advanced wars. Once you turn the power on, you better have a plethora of time and batteries on hand since your eyes will just be glued unto the screen with the thirty plus hours needed just play through the training and campaign missions alone. The replay value alone just doubles the playing time so you really can't ask for anything more in the complete package that is AW except for a quick sequel.
Gameswelt (Jan 25, 2002)
Mit 'Advance Wars' hat Nintendo ein echtes Meisterwerk geschaffen, das sowohl Strategie-Neulinge als auch Experten des Genres lange Zeit fesseln kann. Das Spielprinzip wird einem perfekt erklĂ€rt und bietet eine beeindruckende Tiefe. Dazu kommt eine hĂŒbsche PrĂ€sentation, ein genialer Mehrspieler-Modus und ein riesiger Umfang, so dass alle GBA-Besitzer ohne Strategie-Allergie unbedingt zugreifen mĂŒssen. Dieser Titel ist eines der besten GBA-Spiele ĂŒberhaupt und allein schon ein Grund fĂŒr den Kauf des neuen Handhelds.
Advance Wars is perfectly built for the Game Boy Advance, with nice vibrant colors that are easy to see, and both a long single-player story mode and a variety of multiplayer options. You can even design your own levels to trade with your friends. Turn-based strategy games certainly aren’t for everyone, but I’m sure if you can make it past Advance Wars’ three-hour training session, you'll fall in love with this handheld epic.
Consoles Plus (Feb, 2002)
Advance Wars est un trÚs bon jeu de stratégie au tour par tour. Difficile, il comporte assez de niveaux pour vous faire passer de sacrées nuits blanches.
(German version)
Advance Wars besticht durch exzellente (wenn auch zweckmĂ€ĂŸige) Grafik, tollen Sound, zahlreiche Spielmodi, extrem viele Missionen, erspielbare Extras, viele Truppentypen, eine sehr einsteigerfreundliche Lernkurve, einen modulinternen Speicher sowie einen Karteneditor (drei StĂŒck speicher- und per Link-Kabel tauschbar!) und wird so nahezu perfekten Strategiespiel fĂŒr unterwegs. Konnte Kemco vergangene Ausgabe noch mit dem Echtzeitspektakel Mech Platoon begeistern, setzt Nintendo mit Advance Wars sogar noch einen drauf. Dieses Spiel macht selbst aus pazifistischen Strategiemuffeln begeisterte GBA-GenerĂ€le!
Gamezone (Germany) (Oct 09, 2001)
Advance Wars ist nicht nur fĂŒr die Fans des Genres ein absoluter Pflichtkauf. Das Spiel erweckt das eingeschlafene Runden-Strategie-Genre zu neuem Leben und ist durch sein hervorragendes Design und seine gelungene BenutzerfĂŒhrung ein Vorbild fĂŒr nahezu perfektes Spieldesign. Uns fĂ€llt zumindest nichts ein, was man bei diesem Spiel noch besser machen könnte. Der riesige Funktionsumfang und die genial gestalteten Missionen sorgen fĂŒr eine sehr lange Spielzeit - der hervorragende Multiplayermodus und der integrierte Karteneditor lassen selbst so manches PC-Strategie-Spiel richtig alt aussehen.
The Video Game Critic (Oct 25, 2003)
Advance Wars has a significant learning curve, and completing the "Field Training" mode is crucial to fully understanding the game. In terms of audio, the dramatic music is absolutely superb, although slightly repetitive. You can save your game at any time during a battle, which is useful since wars can take hours. Some variations let you manufacture new units with factories, but I prefer the pre-deployed unit variations because the game ends much quicker when you can't replenish your units. Up to four players can "hook up" to engage in a multi-front war. Advance Wars is an engaging strategy game, and it spawned a popular sequel.
GameSpot (Sep 10, 2001)
Turn-based military strategy sims aren't a well-represented genre in the handheld market. In fact, other than Sacnoth's totally cool UK release of Faselei! for the NeoGeo Pocket Color, Nintendo's Advance Wars for the Game Boy Advance is the only strategy sim to make its way to a handheld in English within the last four years. It's been an excruciating wait, but the news is good: Advance Wars is both impressive and addictive.
Edge (Nov 02, 2001)
In short, Advance Wars is supremely entertaining. Each battle is a tense, yet fascinating affair, as the balance of power ebbs and flows, gradually shifting towards the eventual victor. It has all the frenzied addiction of a puzzle game, and is as enthralling as a good book. This is the game GBA was made for. Superb.
Play.tm (Jan 30, 2002)
All-in-all Advance Wars is a very pleasing addition to any gamers collection; offering a perfectly balanced and finely tuned experience that proves both addictive and immersive. A very complete and attractive package, overall, and one that everyone will enjoy. Go and buy it. Now.
Kombo.com (Nov 14, 2003)
The graphics are astounding; the anime-esque figures are pleasing, well drawn, and have numerous comical facial expressions. The maps are not over-detailed so you may understand what is happening on the often-cluttered battlefield. The sound, while appropriate, has 16-bit quality, which does not always fit the mood of the game.
Mygamer.com (Aug 12, 2004)
This game offers an infinite amount of replay value. You can unlock more maps and even make your own. You'll want to unlock all the COs as soon as you can to open up even more possibilities. The multiplayer mode is one of the best in any handheld and not everyone needs a copy of the game. However, in order to feel the full effect of Advance Wars, everyone will need a copy of the game. You'll never play Risk again once you play this game. So gather up you friends and link up a game of Advance Wars. This game will leave all of you in awe and make you realize what the GBA is capable of. With the quality of this game, it makes you wonder what improvements they will make in Advance Wars 2. Thanks Nintendo for making this additive, much needed strategy game.
Planet Gameboy.de (Sep 26, 2001)
Ein geniales Spiel! Das erfrischend andere Spielprinzip macht erstaunlich viel Spaß, bei Advance Wars stimmt ĂŒber Grafik bis zur Langzeitmotivation einfach alles! Wir haben die amerikanische Version getestet, fĂŒr die deutsche Version, die am 11.01.02 erscheint, wird aller Voraussicht nach nichts geĂ€ndert. Echte Kaufempfehlung fĂŒr Strategiefreunde.
Looki (Jan 28, 2002)
Guter Sound, passende Grafik und eine sehr gute Steuerung steigern den Spielspass immens. Auch an die Möglichkeit wĂ€hrend dem Spiel zu Speichern hat Nintendo gedacht. Herausfordernde Missionen und einen Map-Editor mit dem man unendlich viele Maps kreieren kann machen Nintendo’s Strategiehammer ohne Zweifel zu einem Must buy! Die riesige Spieltiefe und der extrem hohe Spielspass muss man einfach selber erlebt haben um es zu verstehen. Wer sich dieses Highlight auf dem Game Boy Advance nicht kauft verpasst eine Videospieleperle die auf dem Handheld Bereich seines gleichen sucht.
Jeuxvideo.com (Dec 31, 2001)
En mélangeant une interface simple et intuitive à un gameplay riche et complet, Nintendo réalise un coup de maßtre avec Advance Wars. Tous les amoureux de stratégie se jetteront sur ce jeu aux qualités indéniables, les autres aussi d'ailleurs !
No game is perfect although Advance Wars does come close, more so than almost any other game I have played in recent years. If you don’t like turn based games such as this then you will unfortunately hate Advance Wars, shame, as you will miss out on something very special. Fans of the genre may dislike the graphical style and musical approach by Nintendo never mind the difficulty level involved. When playing in multi player there is a great deal of patience required, as you cannot do anything while waiting on your opponents move. A feature such as that used in F Zero X (gambit machine) or being able to check your resources would have been welcome. Given that some players analyse every possible move before selecting their own, this becomes a bigger issue depending on whom you play with obviously.
The fun comes from the careful plotting of attacks, which are brilliantly animated, and from the sheer amount of depth of play. There are dozens of different unit types, more than 100 maps and a whole host of multiplayer games to play. You can even design and trade your own arenas with mates. Advance Wars is challenging, addictive and highly original. It's also an outstanding example of what can be achieved on GBA with a little thought and effort. Absolutely blinding.
Gamestyle (2002)
It would have been a great shame to lose this game after the recent events of September 11th which canned Sega's Propeller Arena, so we can be thankful that it was not cancelled. One day perhaps Nintendo will consider a first person shooter or Gran Turismo beater but until then we'll have Advance Wars to keep us company and it will do so for many months if not years to come. Essential.
Cubed3 (Aug 28, 2003)
We say once again and for the last time, the best game on the GBA until its sequel. Need we say more?
Game Critics (Jul 24, 2002)
Advance Wars is a meld of two differing strategy genres. First are the turn-based strategy games, like Civilization. Second are the real-time strategy (RTS) games like Warcraft. Like both genres, Advance Wars centers on the production of military units and battling your enemies. Unlike the god-games, there is nothing to manage aside from military units, and even their production is extremely simple. This is a straight-up military simulation, and it can be nice to concentrate on simply outsmarting your opponent rather than trying to figure out a research tree. Unlike Warcraft and other RTS games, Advance Wars moves along in a series of discrete turns, making for a more relaxing and contemplative experience than is possible when the main concern is scrambling to pump out troops and build up the base.
GamePro (US) (Sep 10, 2001)
Advance Wars is a challenging, full-scale war filled with several layers of strategy and myriad gameplay options. Starting out with a thorough Field Training, you’ll learn the ins-and-outs of all the different game elements, such as variances in terrain in addition to tactics with land, sea, and air units. Next, you can play in a difficult single-player campaign mode or battle with friends by either linking up with one to four cartridges or by just passing around one GBA. Either way, the multiplayer game is excellent but it’s easier to keep tabs on your opponent via the link cable. The length and depth of the battles can easily be controlled by using predeployed units or having the players build their own. The character designs are awesome, the soundtrack is solid, and the controls are perfect. Advance Wars is loads of fun in both single- and multiplayer mode. It strikes the right balance between pick-up-and-play and in-depth strategy. The time to enlist is now.
Pelit (Feb, 2002)
Advance Warsia on kehuttu Gameboy Advancen ylivoimaisesti parhaaksi peliksi ja vÀitteeseen on helppo yhtyÀ. Vaikka inhoan pelin kirkasta söpögrafiikkaa ja iloisia ÀÀniÀ, pelaan sitÀ hymy korvissa. Wars koukuttaa pelaajansa tÀysin ja kenttÀ on aina pakko pelata loppuun, vaikka tilanteen voisi tallentaa milloin vain.
PGNx Media (Oct 24, 2002)
This game takes the GBAs brilliant design to it's fullest. You'll have to use EVERY button to even stand a chance. Nice, crisp menus that are easy to use. You can't ask for much more here. Considering this is a 32-bit system, this game is a graphic titan. Smooth textures, brightly colored and overall beautiful would all fit the map part of the game. The battle sequences are jaw dropping anime style cut scenes. However, by FAR the nicest touch is the units and facial expressions. Instead of just coloring units different colors, each unit for each army has a very unique look. Kanabi’s tanks and Max’s tanks don’t look exactly alike. Great touch. Next are the facial expressions.
VGPub (2004)
If you are into turned-based or real time strategy games, make sure to pick this up. First of all, games like this on portables are rare, and second they?re not usually done this well. If you have never played either Advance Wars title, then the original would be a perfect place to start. Add this sleeper hit to your GBA collection if you haven?t already.
RPG Kingdom (Feb 21, 2007)
Vous l'aurez compris en lisant cet article, j'adore les deux Ă©pisodes d'Advance Wars qui sont sortis sur cette bonne vieille GBA. Des histoires peu marquantes mais accrochantes pendant qu'on y joue, un systĂšme de jeu instinctif mais qui s'avĂšre complexe quand on s'y penche, une rĂ©alisation exemplaire par rapport aux limites du support et une durĂ©e de vie presque illimitĂ©. Il s'agit vraiment pour moi de jeux exemplaires, qui pourraient mĂȘme plaire aux dĂ©tracteurs du tour par tour.
GamesCollection (Feb 01, 2009)
Advance Wars Ăš una sorpresa. Appena inserita la cartuccia nella console non ci si aspetta niente, ma man mano che si prosegue, si capisce che l'obbligatorio tutorial iniziale serviva, che tutte quelle mosse e quei trucchetti imparati un poco alla volta torneranno utili piĂč avanti, che quell'unitĂ  prima trascurata potrebbe rivelarsi importantissima in una data situazione... assolutamente consigliato agli appassionati dei giochi di strategia per portatili, con un ammonimento: i seguiti sono riusciti ad eguagliare i giĂ  ottimi risultati di questo episodio, rendendolo, tra virgolette, obsoleto. In realtĂ  Ăš solo leggermente "diverso" o, per ovvi motivi, mancante di tutte le migliorie e le limature di cui sono stati graziati gli episodi successivi, specialmente Dual Strike per Nintendo DS.
Advance Wars Ă€r ett enkelt och trevligt strategispel som Ă€r kul att spela ensam eller tillsammans med vĂ€nner. Det har en lĂ€ttsam attityd och en vackert krispig grafik, som nĂ€stan Ă€r ett signum för japanska spelproduktioner. Det enda som jag skulle vilja klaga pĂ„ Ă€r den artificiella intelligensen som inte riktigt hĂ„ller mĂ„ttet. Även om det Ă€r till ens egen fördel kĂ€nns det trist.
Advance Wars is a great game, with more to offer than you think. A game that can be recommended to everyone, and should you need a little more persuasion, Intelligent Systems, the makers of Advance Wars, also made Mario Kart Advance. War has never been so fun.
Game Critics (Mar 26, 2000)
Advance Wars is clearly a superior title for the Game Boy Advance, though the difficulty of some missions and the nature of intensive turn-based strategy might not be for everyone. But if it sounds like your cup of tea, then you'll definitely find it to be an excellent way to get some mental exercise while gaming on the go.
I am so glad I picked this one up. The quality is better than most console games--and it's handheld! With so much to do and re-do, and so many ways to do it, AW is a gamers' paradise. This game is gold...Pure gold.
Just RPG (2001)
I'm not a big fan of Advance Wars, but I know a lot of people who would fall straight into love with it, and play it probably for years and years to come. So, despite my own personal bias, I have to come to peace with this game to give it a fair score, and set aside our differences.
The Next Level (USA) (Oct 03, 2001)
What it all comes down to is enjoyment. That's what games are for, in case you didn't know. a lot of a game's value can be judged on how much playtime you get out of it. Advance Wars boasts 114+ battle maps, around thirty missions in the Campaign mode and practically infinite replay in the Vs. and Link modes. It might not sport the most impressive graphics or have the best soundtrack since Final Fantasy 6, but it more than makes up for it with incredibly deep and equally solid gameplay. In my humble opinion, Advance Wars does for strategy games on handhelds what Tony Hawk did for extreme sports. Advance Wars sets the stage for strategy to become a viable and popular genre on the Gameboy Advance and future handhelds to come.

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