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Army Men: Operation Green Game Boy Advance Title screen


ESRB Rating

Army Men: Operation Green Credits

34 people (18 developers, 16 thanks)

Pocket Studios

Executive ProducerSteve Iles
Director of DevelopmentDavid Williams
Lead ProgrammerSteve C. Jones
Scripting & Level DesignThomas Heaton
Lead ArtistMark Wortham
ArtistsAndrew Cambridge, James Clarke, Simon Sheridan, Robert David Swan
Level MappingJames Clarke, David Hardcastle, Thomas Heaton, Robert David Swan
Tools ProgrammingDarren Clayton, Jason Grace, Steve C. Jones
Music & Sound EffectsRockett Music Ltd
Special ThanksDominic Berzins, Finn, S-Club 7, Prawn Cracker Jason, Chris Pile, Danny Pampel, Suzuki Motorcycles, James Woodhouse, Team #Amiga!, Pampelmuse, The ISADI Clan, Team Collision, Sally, Luke, Hannah, Ethan


Senior ProducerEd Gwynn
ProducerScott J. Gilliland
Associate ProducersBarry Feather, Darion Lowenstein
Test SupervisorJoe Hakik

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Credits for this game were contributed by //dbz: (5251)