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Army Men: Operation Green Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

User Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

Title screen
Choose your language.
A funny parody of a famous war movie quote
The green army arrives on the shore.
Your mission objectives
Those boxes at the top hold pick-ups like health and ammo.
The mounted machine guns can kill you really quickly if you stay in one place too long.
There are enemies in the bunker.
These vehicles carry enemy troops.
Shooting the red barrels causes them to explode.
The gunners in the towers are quite dangerous.
The minesweeper is needed for your mission objectives.
These signs warn you that you are about to enter a minefield.
Using the mine sweeper will show up deadly landmines.
A health pick-up always has to have a red cross symbol.
These officers are much stronger than the normal grunts you encounter.
The mission map shows you where to go for your mission objectives.
The blue spy has some important info.
A cut-scene shows when you meet the blue spy.
Enter the portal to finish the level.
Second level mission objectives
These enemies fire rockets at you.
Enemy helicopters drop in more troops.
Your helicopter is ready to extract you once all you mission objectives are completed.
Level 3 is in the jungle.