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Back of Box - GBA (US):

    "Great nonstop action"

    - GMR, Preview April 2004

    Fly through the skies of Metro City as Astro, the robotic superhero who defends of all that is good. With the strength and power of 100,000 horses, a rapid firing Arm Cannon and Laser Beam attacks, battle against devilish robots to ultimately discover your human spirit - the Omega Factor!

    • Rocket through 13 stages filled with high-flying adventure and beat'em up battles
    • Encounter over 50 characters while you build your Omega Factor
    • Battle your favorite foes from the cartoon including Atlas, Denkou and the Blue Knight

    Contributed by Alrightya (333) on Sep 03, 2005.
    Metro City is a disaster zone and it's Astro to the rescue! This young robot with human emotions is small but mighty with seven incredible super powers. If he can muscle through the massive plasma-oozing power plant, he's in for more trouble with swarms of pesky hammer-swinging bats - and that's not all. It is up to Astro to bridge the gap between humans and robots, so, Astro must quickly develop his human traits or his "Omega Factor." There are over 50 Tezuka characters, including Atlas, Dr. O'Shay, Zoran, and Dr. Tenma, that help Astro understand tenderness, justice, evil, and above all, courage, as he journeys through the futuristic city, Cruciform Island, and other out of this world locations.


    Astro's seven super powers:

    • Arm Cannon
    • Super Sight (with x-ray vision)
    • Rocket Feet
    • Electronic Brain
    • Finger Laser
    • 100,000 Horsepower Strength
    • Supersonic Hearing

    Contributed by Alrightya (333) on Jul 17, 2005.
    The crime-fighting robot with heart.

    In Astro Boy's first game for the Game Boy Advance, Astro needs to both stymie the bad guys and connect with the souls of people he meets. Connecting with souls add to his "Omega Factor," which represents human traits. Every time Astro Boy connects with a person, he becomes more human-like and gets to power up one of his six super powers.


    • Features characters from the cartoon series
    • Use all six of Astro's superpowers
    • Power up Astro's abilities

    Astro Boy gets around by walking and using his jet-powered legs. He fires on his enemies with an arm canon, finger laser and three special weapons. He also has limited super sight and X-ray vision capabilities. When you meet a new person, you're given a chance to upgrade any of these abilities or upgrade his health meter.

    The jet-propelled, side-scrolling action takes Astro Boy to several different locales, and with three levels of difficulty, you control how tough your opponents are. In each stage, Astro Boy can only use his super powers a certain number of times, so choose wisely. You might need to reserve your powers to take on the boss at the end of the level.

    Bottom Line

    He's not a bird or a plane, but Astro Boy is super at smacking down his enemies. The three levels of difficulty make this action game more intriguing, like the main character himself.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66813) on May 09, 2005.