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Backyard Basketball Credits

74 people (64 developers, 10 thanks)

Mistic Software Inc.

Lead ProgrammerChristophe Desplanches
ProgrammersFrédéric Marsolais, Martin Vachon
Tools & Library ProgrammersChristophe Desplanches, Alain Petit, Johann Gagnon
Lead Graphic ArtistFrancis Malvesin
Graphic ArtistsMartin Tremblay, Richard Sirois
Lead DesignerVannara Ty
DesignerMartin Vachon
Studio ManagerFrédéric Bibet
President of MisticChristophe Comparin
Special ThanksFlavien Bau, Jacques Sarremejeanne, France Cameron
MusicAllister Brimble, Anthony N. Putson
SFXAllister Brimble, Anthony N. Putson

Humongous Entertainment

Lead DesignerRafael Calonzo Jr.
ProducerJeff McCrory
Model & Animation ArtistsCraig Hardin, Paul Wesberry
Audio EngineerDaylon Waldon
Associate ProducerRobert J. Ochs
Production AssistantJenny Neuburger
Voice TalentKristen Hebentreit
Special ThanksPatrick Wylie, Erik Halde
Senior V.P. and General ManagerAndrew Hieke
V.P. of developmentBill Petro
Executive ProducerSkip Saling
Art ManagerJames Bradrick
Design DirectorBrad Carlton
Technical DirectorHeinrik A. Steen


Senior Brand ManagerMelanee Hannock
Director of TechnologyPaul Hellier
Director of MarketingTom Nichols
Licensing SpecialistChris Munson
Director of Creative ServicesSteve Martin
Director of Editorial & Documentation ServicesElizabeth Mackney
Art DirectorKristine Meier
Graphic DesignerMelissa Caccavaro
Documentation SpecialistRoss Edmond
CopywriterNorm Schrager
Director of Publishing SupportMichael H. Gilmartin
Q.A. ManagerBill Carroll
I.T. Manager/Western RegionKen Ford
Manager of Technical SupportMichael Vetsch
Q.A. Testing SupervisorsEzequiel Nunez
Q.A Testing SupervisorsArthur Long
Lead TesterJamie Gonzalez
Assistant Lead TesterAnthony Ma
TestersDennis Chan, Kendrick Chan, Eric Hicks, Kevin Jameel Hogan, Franco Junio, Marco Mah, Chad Neel, Eric Pacho, Nessie Rilveria
Engineering Services SpecialistKen Edwards
Engineering Services TechnicianEugene Lai
Sr. Manager Strategic RelationsCecilia Munoz, Joy Schneer
Strategic Relations SpecialistShaila Patel
Vice President OperationsTodd Curtis
Director of ManufacturingEddie Pritchard
Lead Senior BuyerLisa Leon
Senior BuyerGardnor Wong
BuyerTara Moretti
Materials PlannerJanet Sieler
Process PlannerNichole Mackey

NBA Special Thanks

Senior Director Interactive and Electronic LicencingGreg Lassen
Assistant CoordinatorShari Wolford
Director of Sports Marketing - Williams & Connolly LLPJennifer Keene

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Credits for this game were contributed by Frederic Bibet (311) and formercontrib (158557)