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Barnyard Game Boy Advance Title Screen



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GameZone (2006)
Overall, a nice effort from Halfbrick, the designers behind the Ty GBA games. It’s great to see a company that tries to deliver a quality game for kids. While there are some design flaws and the game could have been a bit more challenging and longer, what is here is a fun outing for the younger players. The bar and other game features aren’t all that “kid-friendly,” but they are faithful to the movie.
Barnyard is a surprisingly well-crafted kid-friendly game. There are plenty of minigames, the animals from the movie show up and there’s even a storyline for the ambitious. It’s not a game for the Type A player trying to get to the end but for kids who want a virtual world to have fun in, it’ll be hard to find a better candidate than Barnyard for the Gameboy Advance.
Worth Playing (Aug 24, 2006)
Barnyard is yet another stone in the mountainous pile of absolutely mediocre movie cash-in ploys. It may be a good choice for a small child enamored with the movie, but if you're looking for this kind of gameplay, you can easily pick up a copy of Animal Crossing or its little brother Animal Crossing: Wild World for roughly the same price. If all you have is a Game Boy Advance, however ... well, many games take the Legend of Zelda roam-about formula, and many do it much better than Barnyard does. There's nothing inherently bad about the game, but there's also very little that is actually good.
IGN (Aug 17, 2006)
Barnyard is a kid's game, plain and simple. Even for fans of the movie, this game is going to be just a little too basic. However, for kids looking for a fairly free roaming game that offers a variety of minigames, Barnyard is a good choice. Just don't expect it to last too long. It's not perfect by any means, but what can you expect from a game that can't tell the difference between a boy cow and a girl cow?
60 (Feb 27, 2007)
La Ferme en Folie a le mérite de surprendre par son approche combinant habilement l'aventure et les mini-jeux. Dommage que ces derniers soient aussi simplistes et que la durée de vie ait du mal à suivre, car la progression a l'avantage d'éviter toute linéarité et de ne pas souffrir de temps morts. Un divertissement sympathique mais pas indispensable.
GameSpot (Aug 08, 2006)
Even though the game has its moments, there just isn't enough meat behind the GBA version of Barnyard to satisfy anyone but the youngest of players.
GameSpy (2006)
A lot of care went into making Barnyard look and sound good though, which makes the scant gameplay all the more disappointing. The sprite characters and animations are cute and crisp, and the environments are vibrant and appealing. The sound design is equally delightful, thanks to the quaint bluegrass soundtrack, although there's little in the way of ambient noise. But a game you can finish in less than three hours is tough to recommend, even when the core idea is sound. Every facet of the core gameplay is plain, making Barnyard for the GBA the most forgettable kind of throwaway entertainment. It's too bad, because it had the potential to be more than the usual mediocre film tie-in.
NintendoWorldReport (Sep 10, 2006)
You know, I think I’ll take this moment to ponder why I review these games. It could be to test my hypothesis on the correlation between the number of corporate logos on game startup and how terrible a licensed game is. Or, I could seriously be attempting to find those rare hidden gems that have either unwillingly been saddled with a license or actually attempt to expand said license in a meaningful way. But, in any case, I have to be prepared for the reality that my work is meaningless. The window for those whom my opinion would reach is quite narrow. Enthusiasts are already disinclined to purchase Barnyard, and thus would not need to read this review. Yet on the other hand, anybody who is inclined to get Barnyard for whatever reason most definitely does not read reviews about it. This is quite a conundrum. My only hope is that you, dear readers, are actual fans of my reviews. And if you are, I thank you. Seriously, you make writing these articles worthwhile.