Blackthorne Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Title screen / Main menu.
Choose one amongst SIX (!) files to save your game progress.
Introduction frame – The monstrous King Vlaros, followed by his "sidekicks", plans the next move.
Get some hints in practice mode.
Hang on and climb up edges.
Climb up ladders.
Blast some doors with bombs.
Duel: Press 'up' to hide and avoid being shot.
Duel: Wait for a useful moment to shoot your enemy.
Duel: shoot the enemy backwards.
Duel: after you've been hit, the enemy laughs, a good moment to shoot.
Exit each level by an elevator.
The red guys have bombs.
This blue guy cannot be shot, just use a bomb.
Use a key to activate the bridge.
Use your bombs to destroy power supplies.
Avoid cannons by ducking.
Go through passages hidden behind waterfalls.
The purple guy has some remote wasps.
Use remote wasps to remotely blast guys and other things.
Game over screen