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Advertising Blurbs

Official product page at PopCap Games (Italian):
    Parole! Parole! Parole! Un gioco di parole classico, ma che garantisce il massimo del divertimento. Unisci le lettere e forma delle parole per nutrire l'insaziabile Lex. Fai attenzione alle tessere fiammeggianti... possono incendiare la biblioteca!

    Maggiori informazioni sul gioco
    • Grafica, audio ed effetti ottimizzati.
    • Salva il tuo punteggio migliore nella Hall of Fame.
    • Puoi giocare offline in qualsiasi momento... non è necessaria la connessione a Internet.
    • Nella modalità Azione dovrai trovare velocemente le parole!

    Contributed by formercontrib (158993) on Jun 21, 2010.

Official product page at PopCap Games (French):
    Des mots ! Rien que des mots ! Encore des mots ! Ce jeu de vocabulaire classique a vraiment tout d'amusant. Assemble les lettres et forme des mots pour nourrir l'insatiable ver Lex. Mais fais attention aux cases rouges en feu... elles risquent de faire partir ta bibliothèque en fumée !

    Plus d'informations sur ce jeu
    • Un graphisme, une musique et des effets hautement avancés.
    • Enregistre tes meilleurs scores dans le Panthéon.
    • Joue hors ligne autant que tu le veux... pas besoin de connexion Internet.
    • Le mode Action consiste à créer des mots à un rythme effréné !

    Contributed by formercontrib (158993) on Jun 21, 2010.

Official product page at PopCap Games (Spanish):
    ¡Palabras! ¡Palabras! ¡Palabras! Con este clásico reto a tu vocabulario aprenderás a deletrear la palabra d-i-v-e-r-s-i-ó-n. Junta letras para crear palabras con las que alimentar a Lex, el insaciable gusano de biblioteca. Pero cuidado con las baldosas rojas ardientes... ¡Te quemarán la biblioteca!

    Más información acerca del juego
    • Mejores gráficos, música y efectos.
    • Guarda las puntuaciones más altas en el Salón de la Fama.
    • Juega en cualquier momento... no se necesita conexión a Internet.
    • ¡En el modo Acción tendrás que deletrear a toda velocidad!

    Contributed by formercontrib (158993) on Jun 21, 2010.

Official product page at PopCap Games (English):
    Have an appetite for words? Then join Lex the Bookworm in the hit word-puzzle game created by PopCap, makers of the best casual games this side of Jupiter! Link letter tiles left, right, up and down to build words to keep Lex sated and smiling. The bigger the word, the better the bonus. But watch out for burning letters — they could spell disaster for you and Lex!

    If you need a quick word break, link letters fast in Action mode. If laid-back wordplay is more your style, go with Classic. No matter which mode you like best, you’ll relax and tune up your brain every time you play!

    More About the Game
    • Enhanced graphics, music and effects.
    • Save your high scores in the Hall of Fame.
    • Play offline anytime... no Internet connection required.
    • Fast-paced spelling sprints in Action mode!

    Contributed by formercontrib (158993) on Jun 21, 2010.

Official product page at PopCap Games (German):
    Wörter! Wörter! Wörter! Dieses klassische Worträtsel weiß wirklich, wie man S-p-a-ß buchstabiert. Verbinde Buchstaben zu Wörtern, um Lex, den unersättlichen Bücherwurm, zu füttern. Aber achte auf brennende rote Spielfelder ... sie lassen deine Bibliothek in Flammen aufgehen!

    Mehr über das Spiel
    • Verbesserte Grafik, Musik und Effekte.
    • Speichere deine Highscores in der Ruhmeshalle.
    • Jederzeit offline spielen - keine Internetverbindung erforderlich.
    • Temporeiche Buchstabier-Sprints im Action-Modus!

    Contributed by formercontrib (158993) on Jun 21, 2010. - Game Boy Advance:

    You put a spell on me.

    Majesco produces a slick puzzler.

    Bookworm is one of the classic office time-killers, right up there with downloading the latest Hugh Jackman trailer and playing trash-can basketball. Now this wildly popular vocab-stretching game gets the GBA treatment!

    Like all great brain teasers, the idea is simple yet elegant; spell words using a screen filled with scrambled letters. You can only connect adjacent letters. The longer the word, the more points you score.

    Bonus words are also served up to prove your the cunning brain box you like to think you are, but watch out, dangerous fire tiles fall with every word you spell. Fail to use them before they reach the bottom of the screen and you'll be an inanimate husk of the Anatidae family. That's a dead duck to the rest of us.

    • Make words out of jumbled letter tiles.
    • Tracks top scores and best words.
    • Unique tiles challenge your vocabulary skills.

    Bottom Line

    You'll experience a resplendent bout of felicity at the unshackling of this ostensible Book of Worms for fortnights!

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65810) on Sep 29, 2006.

PopCap Games Website:
    Build words to feed Lex the Bookworm, but watch out for fiery letters that will set the library ablaze! A word game for all ages.

    Contributed by Nick Newhard (109) on Mar 14, 2003.