Cabela's Big Game Hunter Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

The Title Screen.
You can choose from a variety of different animals to hunt on a number of different areas.
You can even choose stages that have more than one animal in them.
When you choose your stage, the game gives you a description of the area you're about to go hunting in.
You have a variety of different rifles to choose from.
You hunt using an overhead map, with the blue dot representing you.
You can switch to your first person view at the press of a button.
There are some items to help you track down your prey -- animal calls and scent covers, to name a couple.
Be patient and smart, and you might get close enough for a shot...
Aim carefully...
Down he goes!
The game gives you stats on every animal you bag.
Bears are another type of game you can hunt.
The fruits of your labor will be mounted over your fireplace.