Caesars Palace Advance: Millennium Gold Edition Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

User Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

No gambling or wagering with that game
Title screen
Choose game type, go to cashier or get a password
Go to the cashier to update the table limits.
Bet some money at the Blackjack table
After dealing the cards you get asked to hit, stand or double
Win with a Blackjack (10+11)
Loose when you bust (get over 21 points on your hand)
Oh my, bust!
The dealer as an ace, you are asked for insurance bet.
We have 21 on hand, it's advisible to stand.
Win at the Blackjack table.
At table games we can choose between craps and roulette.
Place some bets at the craps table.
Let the dices roll.
Sevens out, all bets will loose.
Throw some coins into the slot machine.
For video games we have the choice between poker and keno.
Win at Video Poker with a Full House.
Choose your fields at video keno.
Win at video keno.
Let the ball roll at the roulette table.
The roulette stops at a double zero.
Win some money at the roulette table.
Win more cash at the roulette table.
Win lots of cash at the roulette table.
We have 13337 dollars ;)
Loose a lot of cash at the roulette table.
Pave the whole roulette table with 1000-Dollar-Jetons ;)
We lost all of our cash :(