Capcom Classics: Mini Mix Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Main title screen
Select your game.
Strider: title screen
Strider: get your mission orders.
Strider: these enemies run at you with their swords.
Strider: these pick-ups replenish your health.
Strider: use the tunnels to get to lower levels.
Strider: these robots take a few hits to kill.
Strider: your status screen
Mighty Final Fight: pressing attack whilst in the air performs a flying kick.
Mighty Final Fight: using the rooftops to get through.
Mighty Final Fight: the barrels require quick reflexes to smash.
Mighty Final Fight: you can use the throwing stars as weapons but you only get 5.
Mighty Final Fight: you fall into mad gears trap.
Mighty Final Fight: Thrasher is the first boss that you meet.
Mighty Final Fight: the game map
Mighty Final Fight: these enemies throw knives at you.
Mighty Final Fight: the second boss Sodom has two big swords.
Mighty Final Fight: falling down that hole isn't a good idea.
Mighty Final Fight: inside Mr Big's mansion
Mighty Final Fight: the third boss has a very girly name "Abigail".
Bionic Commando: title screen
Bionic Commando: the mission map
Bionic Commando: parachuting behind enemy lines.
Bionic Commando: that hut looks like it may house something interesting.
Bionic Commando: use the bionic arm to swing and get up to platforms.
Bionic Commando: use the computer to contact your HQ.
Bionic Commando: you need to duck the shots this enemy fires.
Bionic Commando: game over