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Circle of Blood Credits

Revolution Software Ltd

DirectorCharles Cecil
ProducerSteve Ince
System DesignTony Warriner
Technical ProgrammingAndrew Boskett
ImplementationRoss Hartshorn, Jonathan Howard, Dale Strachan
Head of DevelopmentFrancesco Iorio
Project ManagementRichard Lilley
ToolsDavid Sykes
MusicBarrington Pheloung
Audio ManagerBen McCullough
Business AffairsNoirin Carmody

Bam Entertainment

Senior ProducerNick Goldsworthy
Executive ProducerJoe Booth
Project ManagerDavid Blundell
Director of European MarketingLisa Cheney Bolcato
Director of North American MarketingScott Smith
Director of North American PRSusan Kramer
European PR ManagerCat Channon
North American PR ManagerMika Kelly

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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (69258)