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WalkthroughContributed by Katakis | カタキス (41526) on Oct 17, 2008.

Walkthrough written by Black Wolf ([email protected])

The game introduces us to George Stobbart, who has just witnessed an explosion at the café he happened to dine at, an explosion in which he barely escapes. As he investigates the clues left behind by the killer, he soon unravels a mystery that dates as far back as the Knights Templar.

After George gets up, get the newspaper near the light post then walk north to enter the road works. A construction worker is digging a hole. Two police officers will appear. They introduce themselves as Rosso and Moue and they take George back to the café for interrogation. Answer Rosso's questions in any way. He will eventually give George his card, and he is free to go. Leave. A female reporter is seen taking photographs of the crime scene. Talk to her. After having learned that her name is Nicole Collard (Nico for short), ask her about the clown, followed by Plantard (he was the dude with the glasses that was killed in the explosion), then the clown again. Before she leaves, she hands George her number so that he can call her again if he has more leads. Return to the construction site and give the newspaper to the worker. After he abandons his post, open the toolbox just inside the tent to find a T-shaped tool. Use this tool on the manhole then climb down to the sewers.

Get the red ball near the ladder and then follow the path. Get the tissue and the piece of cloth, and climb up the ladder. George will arrive in the back streets where a man stops him because he thinks that George is the killer. Answer his first question and then show him Rosso's card. Now show him the piece of cloth then ask about the jacket (x4). After George has been given a phone number for someone named Todryk, end the conversation and the man will escort you out. Use the phone outside the tent to call Nico. After she gives George her address (an apartment in Rue Jarry), walk right and you will see the map of Paris. Select Rue Jarry as your next destination.

Talk to the woman selling flowers and ask her about Nico. End the conversation and open the middle door behind her. Inside Nico's apartment, show Nico the clown nose. She will tell you the name of the shop where it was purchased from, which is La Risée du Monde. Show Nico the piece of cloth. After she gives George a picture of a man, leave her apartment and travel to La Risée du Monde.

Talk to the proprietor and show him the picture Nicole just gave George. Show him the tissue then show the picture again. The proprietor will tell George about Khan. Leave the shop and travel to a location that has a phone (the police station, Nicole’s apartment, or the construction site). Call Todryk and ask him about the picture of Khan. He tells George that he is staying at the Hotel Ubu, so go there.

Don't bother talking to the two guys standing outside the hotel entrance. They're nothing but trouble. Go inside. There is a woman playing the piano. She is Lady Piermont and you might remember her from Beneath a Steel Sky. Walk to the left toward the counter. There is a key rack at the back of the counter. Try to take a key. The concierge will come out from the back and stop George. Ask him about the picture and George will be told the Khan is one of the hotel guests.

Talk to Lady Piermont about the key. When the topic is gone, show her the picture. Khan goes under the name of Thomas Moerlin. Ask Piermont about him until she offers to help George get the key. When the concierge goes into the backroom, quickly get the key before he comes back. Walk upstairs and use the key on the first door on the right near George. Although this is not Khan's room, George will have to access this room later. Open the window and climb out. Walk across the ledge to the first window on the right and climb in. This is Khan's room. Leave the room through the main door. As soon as George hears footsteps approaching, he hides in the closet.

Khan will change clothes, then leave the room. He leaves his pants on the bed. When Khan leaves, search his pants and George will find a business card and a matchbook. Leave his room and return to the foyer. Talk to the concierge and ask him about the safe. Show him Moerlin’s card. The concierge is unhelpful again, so it is time to get Lady Piermont involved. Talk to her and show her the card. She will help George get the documents that Khan left in the safe.

Go upstairs and enter the first door on George's right. Climb out the window to get onto the ledge and drop the manuscript on the ground below. Now climb back in and leave the room. Leave the hotel through the front doors. The two low-lifes hanging outside the entrance will frisk George. Seeing as he does not have the manuscript with him, George will be free to go. Go into the alley, left of the hotel, and pick up the manuscript. George will automatically return to Nico's apartment.

George will explain to Nico what he has learned so far, and together, they will have a look at the manuscript. Nico will tell George that it is dated as far back as the Knights Templar, and that there are four symbols of interest. Talk to Nico about the documents, including the four symbols. End the conversation, then travel to the Musée Crune.

Go inside the museum and examine the tripod to confirm that it is the one George saw in the manuscript. Leave the museum and return to Nico’s apartment. Here, talk to Nico and George will learn about Peagram, a professor working in a small Irish village in Lochmarne. Leave Nico's apartment and travel to the airport. George will automatically arrive in Lochmarne.

Upon arrival, talk to the boy standing outside the pub to find out that his name is Liam Maguire. Ask him about Peagram, then ask him about the archaeological dig (x3) that Peagram went to. Now go into the pub and talk to the man who is sitting near the door. The man, Fitzgerald, seems awfully nervous about something. Ask him about the dig. End the conversation and go over to the bar. Talk to Patrick Doyle, the man in light clothing sitting at the bar, about Peagram. Talk to him about Fitzgerald and Doyle will tell George that his brain needs some 'lubriication'. Have George offer him a beer and ask about Fitzgerald again.

Talk to Fitzgerald again and ask him about the dig. Leave the pub and ask Maguire about the dig and Fitzgerald. Go back inside the pub and speak to Fitzgerald about the dig. Speak to Fitzgerald about Peagram, the gem, the package (x2), and Jacques Marquet. Fitzgerald will become very agitated and will quickly leave the pub. Georges hears a car speeding, followed by a thump. Leave the pub and listen to Maguire to find out what happened.

There is a panel next to the entrance to the pub. Flip the switch on the panel and it will break off. Go inside the pub and ask the bartender for a beer. George learns that both the glass washer and the beer pump are in need of repair. Show Moerlin’s card to him and he’ll ask George to repair them. Talk to the old man sitting at the table in the corner, but do not ask him about anything. Have George back off a bit and the old man will bring out a piece of wire and set it on the table. As soon he starts to sneeze, snatch the wire.

Use the wire on the outlet just near the washer. Talk to the bartender and he will let George repair the beer pumps in the cellar. Go down there and pull the lever on the wall opposite George. Leave the pub and open the trap door. George will get a glimpse of Khan for the first time, but he will not hurt him. Return to the cellar to find a gem and flashlight. Go back upstairs and keep an eye on Doyle. Occasionally, he will remove his arm from the green towel. When he does this, take it.

Leave the pub again and take the upper right path to find a man sitting in a huge haystack, reading a book. Talk to him about the car (x2), and then ask him about Fitzgerald until he finally decides to leave. When he does, climb up the haystack until George reaches the top. Use the T-shaped tool on the crack near George’s left hand. Now continue climbing the haystack. George will encounter a goat on the other side. Try climbing down the ladder. The goat will head-butt George, but George needs to climb down there anyway. When the cursor appears, move the plow axle behind the goat, and George should run over and move it. After the goat gets tangled up, go down the ladder.

Look around. There is a table near the wall, a statue on the floor near the steps, and a door with impressions on the left side of it. Have George stick his fingers in the bag on the table and he discovers that it is a bag of plaster of Paris. Move the statue and it will overbalance and tip over. Pick it up and notice the impressions the statue made. Use the plaster of Paris on that spot and return to the pub's cellar.

Here, turn the water on in the sink and use the towel on it and go back to where George picked up the statue, then use the towel on the plaster of Paris.

NOTE: If you waste enough time doing this, the towel will be dry by the time you reach the underground area, then George will have to go back and soak the towel again.

After the plaster hardens, take the cast and use it on the impressions near the door. After the door opens, climb down the stairs. After a cut-scene, George will be back at Nico's apartment.

After George updates Nico on his findings, leave the apartment and go to the police station. Here, talk to Sergeant Moue (sitting behind the desk) about Jacques Marquet until George can talk no more about him. Leave the station and go to the Hospital.

Enter the hospital. There are two hallways to the north, and a reception desk situated between them. Talk to the receptionist. Show her Moerlin's card and ask about Nurse Grendel (x3).

NOTE: If Benoir, the guy with glasses, stops George from reaching the receptionist, just wait until Benoir gets out of the way then try again.

Walk down the hallway on the left. Go over to the floor sweeper and unplug it. Now open the door. After George takes the doctor’s uniform and wears it, return to the lobby and talk to the elderly doctor. His name is Felix Hagenmeyer and he tells that the dude you saw in the lobby earlier is his nephew, which happens to be Benoir (aka: Bunny). With Bunny in tow, go back down the hallway to arrive in Ward J-2.

Nurse Grendel will tell George to check on the man in bed two. She claims that the patient keeps losing consciousness, and does not know the concept of blinking. Ignore this man for now and talk to Grendel. She will tell George to check on the man named Eric Sopmarsh, who is sitting in bed three. Ignore him as well. Talk to Bunny and give him the pressure gauge.

Walk to the area on the right, only to be stopped by Sopmarsh, who tells George that he has not taken his blood. Talk to Bunny again and have him use the gauge on Sopmarsh. While he is busy, go right and enter the room with the guard standing outside. Marquet is here, and the two of you have a nice little chat. A moment later, another doctor will enter. He kicks George out and kills Marquet. George soon finds himself back at Nico’s apartment where he tells her what he has learned. After the conversation, travel to Musée Crune.

Enter the museum. There is a guard here, making sure that no one gets into mischief. When he is not looking, walk to the display cases where Lobineau is standing and flip the switch to open the window. The guard will notice the window left open and will go over to close it. While he is doing this, quickly hide inside the sarcophagus. The guard and Lobineau will leave the museum for the day. Later that night, Flap and Guido enter the museum to try to steal the tripod. After George comes out of the sarcophagus, knock over the totem pole. George and the two goons will be crushed under it, and a cat burglar will come in and steal the tripod. In the morning, George will go back to Nico's apartment and learns that she was the cat burglar. Leave her apartment and return to the museum. Here, talk to Lobineau about Montfauçon (x2) and then leave the museum. Select Montfauçon as your next destination.

Here, ask the jongleur about himself twice (x2) and he will hand over the balls to George so that he can practice some juggling. Talk to the gendarme, the man at the table, and ask him about the clown nose. Talk to the jongleur again and George will start juggling again. When the crowd applauses, the jongleur will be upset and go home. The gendarme will leave as well, and notice the jongleur left one of his balls behind. Use the T- shaped tool on the manhole and head on down into the sewers.

Walk right and examine the first panel from the right. Use the T-shaped tool on that panel. George will find out that it’s hollow and he will break it open. Click on the inside of the panel. After it moves a bit, climb into the boat and turn the wheel to lower the chain. Pick up the chain and use it on the gears. Turn the wheel again and the panel will come crashing down.

Go through the now open doorway to arrive at a huge cave. In the wall near the steps is a hole. Look through it and George will eavesdrop on a meeting of the Knights Templar. When the talking ends, look through it again to see them leave and then head down the stairs. Use the tripod on the stone and place the gem on the tripod. The word MARIB is spelled out. George will arrive back at Nico's apartment where he tells her what he has learned. When George has finished talking, leave for the airport and George will arrive in Syria.

When you get to Syria, walk right until you see some stairs. Talk to the man and show him the book of matches. George is now allowed to enter the club, which is up the stairs that are hidden behind the carpet. There, George will be introduced to a man named Ultar. Try opening the locked door. Try reading the sign to learn that it is written in Arabic. Ask Ultar about the sign. Nobody is allowed into the toilet until the owner’s toilet brush has been found. Leave the bar and go back down into the marketplace.

Notice the guy cooking kebabs. He is wearing a British flag apron. Move the mouse cursor underneath his stand and right-click to learn something about the toilet brush. Walk left and talk to the boy, Nejo, and ask him about the red ball and then go talk to the kebab seller. When George learns nothing from him, talk to Nejo again and ask about the kebab seller (x2). Give him the ball by clicking on the thumbs up button when it comes up. Quit talking to Nejo and go talk to the kebab seller again.

Tell him the phrase that Nejo told you about, and George will be chased back up the stairs. Talk to Nejo and George finds out that he was used as a diversion. He is given the brush. Go up the stairs and give the brush to the owner. After the owner has given George the bathroom keys, use them on the bathroom door. Inside, open up the towel dispenser and then take the towel. Enter the bathroom stall and take the chain. Leave the bathroom.

Talk to Ultar and show him Khan’s picture. Ask him about Bull’s Head Hill until you get a choice to answer yes or no. Answer yes when they do appear. George learns that to get to Bull's Head Hill, he needs to cough up $50. Since George has not got that amount of money, go back and talk to Nejo again. Look at the cat and it will jump onto a shelf. Ring the bell when it dies. When a man comes out from a back room, the cat will break a statue then run away. Get the statue. In inventory, use the tissue on the statue to make it appear to be stone. Now find a fat guy wandering around the streets and talk to him. His name is Duane. Show him the statue and he will offer you $50 for it. Accept Duane's offer.

Return to the bar and talk to Ultar about Bull’s Head Hill. When he asks George if he has $50 yet, say yes. When George has returned to the streets, Ultar tells him that there is something wrong with the truck. Talk to Ultar about the truck. When Ultar explains that the fan belt broke, give him the towel and the truck will be fixed. George will now be taken to Bull’s Head Hill.

As soon as you can, walk over to the tree and get one of its twigs. Use it on the towel to create a makeshift grappling hook. Use George's creation on the funnel-like hole near the right side and George will climb down. Examine the small hole on the rock on the upper left, and pull the metal ring. Enter the doorway that was uncovered.

Walk left and search Klausner’s remains to find a lens. Keep walking left and examine the stone map inscription. Examine the three-headed statue then the stone map again. Khan appears and holds George at gunpoint. He tells George to step outside where he is asked questions. When George is asked a question, two icons will appear in the inventory area: one that looks like an angel, and one a devil. If you select the angel icon, George will tell Khan the truth, and if the devil icon is selected, he will lie.

When Khan asks George where Klausner is, tell him the truth. When Khan asks George if Klausner had anything on him, lie. When Khan asks George whether he wants to die like a man or a dog, select the George icon. Quickly use the electric buzzer on Khan to shock him. Before Khan regains consciousness, jump off the cliff to escape and land safely in Ultar's truck. George will soon find himself back in Nico's apartment.

After the conversation, leave and go to the museum. Enter and talk to André about the manuscript. Ask him about Nico (x2). When you’re finished, go back to Nico’s apartment where Nico tells George that André visited her not too long ago. Leave the apartment and go back to the museum. Here, talk to André and ask about the manuscript (x4). Leave for the airport and George will arrive in Villa de Vasconcellos.

Walk left past the house and use the pressure gauge on the part of the hose that starts coming out of the window. The gardener will think that George has something to do with his hose shutting off. When he goes inside the house to fix it, follow him inside. Try to walk through the gate. George will set the dogs barking, and the gardener comes to investigate. Before George is busted, hide behind the suit of armor. When the gardener leaves the house, walk upstairs.

After George meets the Countess, ask her about the Templars, and then about the chess pieces. After the conversation, George will be taken to a Templar mausoleum dedicated to the Vasconcellos Templars. Here, remove the Bible from the lectern and look at the design that was revealed. Ask the Countess about what George can do and she will have Lopez, the gardener, retrieve the chess pieces.

When Lopez arrives, George will take the chess set from him and place the pieces on the board. To solve this puzzle, have George rearrange the middle row so that the king is on the second spot from the bottom, the knight is on the spot above him, and the bishop at the top. George will eventually unlock a niche containing the chalice belonging to the Vasconcellos’ Communion, then return to Nico once he has it. After a bit of conversation, travel to Montfauçon.

Here, walk right as far as George can go and climb the stairs. George will arrive at the church. Go over to the priest and show him the chalice. When he offers to polish it, accept the offer. Now go over to the knight statue and right-click on it. Place the lens in the scroll to see a glass panel that has a picture of a Templar Knight being burned at the stake and holding a date (the fruit). Go back and talk to the priest to get the chalice back. Look at the tomb on the other side of the pews and look at it. After this, go back to Nico.

Here, she tells you that she managed to sell a story, but nothing really important. Leave here and go to Musée Crune. Go inside and talk to André about the three-headed statue that George saw in Syria earlier. André tells George that it is a statue of Baphomet. He will also mention a new location, Baphomet’s Site. Leave Musée Crune and go to the site.

First, head through the gate and down the stairs. Open up the right door. It is locked and George hasn't got the keys to it yet. Talk to the guard and ask him for the keys to the washroom. After George receives the keys, use them on the door and enter. Examine the sink and then take the soap. Use the keys on it to make an impression. Use the plaster on the soap and then run it under some water. Look at the boiler to the right and then leave.

Examine the thermostat on the left side of the room, and talk to the guard about it. Fiddle around with it and George will turn off the heat. When you see the guard putting some gloves on, give him the keys. Head upstairs and try dipping the fake key into the paint can. After the painter stops you, go downstairs and use the phone. George will use it to contact Nico, whom will assist him in distracting the painter.

Return to the painter and tell him that he has a phone call. After he leaves, dip your fake key into the paint and then go downstairs again. After the painter leaves, ask the guard for the toilet keys and then enter the washroom. Inside, use your key on the real keys. Give the keys back to the guard. Use the phone again. George will contact Nico again and ask her to call back in a minute, in an attempt to make the guard leave.

After the cut-scene that follows, George will find himself downstairs, use the key on the left door to enter. Inside, use the chalice on the floor below to discover something important. George will go back to Nico, and as usual, for a little chit-chat about his amazing discovery. Travel to Villa de Vasconcellos.

There, George will initiate a conversation with Lopez, who apologizes for having acting rude when he first visited, but since George made the Countess happy again, he trusts him. After the conversation, head inside the villa. Take the mirror next to the hose and go upstairs to see the Countess.

Have George ask the Countess about herself and about the chalice. Now get back outside and go to the mausoleum. When you get there, take the pole and use it to close the window. Use the tissue on the pole and then use this on the candle to light it. Use the lit tissue to light the candle on the chandelier. George will eventually get a strange key.

Note: Trouble finding the mausoleum? There is a path behind Lopez, but it is obscured by his watering.

Get the Bible and return to the Countess. Ask her about the Bible. Go outside and talk to Lopez. Ask him about the well and about the gap (x2). He will tell George to get a divining rod, which will help him locate where the well used to be.

Go left as far as George can and have him click on the tree near the window and George will get the divining rod he needs. Return to Lopez and tell him about it. After hours of searching, George finds a tin can with water in it. Lopez will throw and listen to it as it drops down. When the can reaches the bottom, there is a bang. That means George has found the well.

After George makes his way to the bottom of the well. Examine the lion’s head and then click on it. After George pulls on one of the teeth, stone grinding is heard. Before the head crushes George, quickly click on the rope. Use the mirror on the wall of the well. George will shine some light into the darkened passageway and discovers a keyhole. Insert the strange key and enter the doorway. After a conversation with the countess, George will be back at Nico's apartment, where André is sitting on the couch. After some conversation, George and Nico will leave by train to go to Bannockburn, Scotland.

George and Nico are sitting in one of the carriages. An old lady is sharing the carriage, sitting opposite them. Talk to Nicole and ask her about herself (x2). Stand up and try to leave the carriage. A conductor will come in and ask for your tickets. George has his suspicions about the conductor and the old lady. He will learn their true identities later. Leave the compartment and head left until Guido is seen. When George goes back to his compartment, both the old lady and Nico are not there.

Go to the compartment next door and talk to the dude about Nicole. Now open up the window and climb out. Walk right until George comes to a ladder. Climb down that ladder to the carriage. George arrives just in time to see Nico tied up in the corner of the car and witness the deaths of Khan (the old lady that was in George's carriage earlier) and Flap. When you get control of the game, pull the emergency brake on the wall next to the left door. Some crate will fall over and squash Eklund (the conductor) unconscious. Leave through the front door. When Nico carries on, George will untie her automatically and the two of them escape to Bannockburn.

George and Nico get to a place that seemed to be used as an arms dump. Go inside. There are statues here. Search the rubble near the window (x4), and George will find four items. Use the gear on the demon statue and George will place the gear in one of his eyes. Near the statues are a set of gears and a handle. Try turning the handle and George will break it off. Get the gears out of that same contraption you took the handle off of.

Use the gear on the demon and George will insert it in its other eye socket. Use the handle on the demon statue and a door will open up. Walk through the doorway, then go through the other doorway to witness another Templar meeting. After the meeting, George will end up back in the previous area with Guido blocking the way out. Get the nearby torch from the wall and watch what happens.

Congratulations! You have just completed Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars. You are now ready to tackle Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror.

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